6 Must-Have Accessories to Complete Your Holiday Party Outfit

There’s a fine line between a good and a great outfit, and the difference tends to be in the details. You don’t have to be a fashion designer to create a well-crafted outfit, but you do have to put some thought into it.

Accessories to Complete Holiday Party Outfit

Even if you aren’t someone who dresses up regularly, the holidays give you an excuse to dial things up a bit. Whether you’re headed to a formal holiday party or your ex is just gonna be back in town (show off all you like if that’s the case), throwing on a couple of well-curated accessories takes you from good to great.

What to Remember

You Don’t Have to Match Your Metals

While this is often cited as a rule, especially in more traditional men’s fashion, it just isn’t true. There’s nothing wrong with matching all of your metals, but it just isn’t required. Now, you want to make sure that your metals complement each other as well as the rest of your outfit. However, just because one piece of your everyday jewelry is gold doesn’t mean everything else has to be.

There are certain cases where you do want to match your metals, but they aren’t usually holiday parties. If you want to wear a lot of jewelry at once, it’s best that the metals match. If you’re in a conservative work environment, matching your metals tends to be a good idea. Other than that, though, have at it!

Less Is More

Stick to a couple of accessories unless you really have your style dialed in. While you can throw on a bunch of pieces and pull them off, it takes a lot of practice. If you’re unsure, you’re always better off just adding a couple of pieces you love and calling it good. You’ll still look great, and you won’t have to worry about your outfit looking too busy.

Must-Have Accessories to Complete Your Holiday Party Outfit


1. Festive Earrings

This is the easiest way to complete a holiday party outfit. It’s also a great excuse to buy a pair of flashy earrings if that’s your thing, so win-win. You want something exciting and bold without being tacky. Unless, of course, you’re at an ugly sweater party. Then, the rules go out the window.

Silver and gold are both key colors of the holiday season, so if you don’t want to stray too far from traditional colors, you don’t have to. However, if you want to jump into the world of rubies or emeralds, they’ll always be elegant and fun hits when the holidays roll around.

2. Added Rings

If you want to complete an outfit without putting in too much extra work, stacked wedding rings are the way to go. They don’t even have to be too flashy (though they can if you want). An extra band or two is going to add depth to your ring and your outfit as a whole.

3. Clutch

Even if you have pockets, a clutch is a quick way to add depth to an outfit. Plus, your wallet is really going to ruin the lines of your outfit anyway, so you’ve gotta put it somewhere. Holiday parties are the time to bring out the fancy clutch that goes with a formal outfit. You probably don’t get to bring this one out all the time, so take the opportunity.

4. Brooch

Maybe you’ve considered this before — maybe not. We’re here to encourage you to try it out either way. A brooch doesn’t have to look like you’re cosplaying as a grandmother going to church. In fact, a formal and well-designed one can really add depth to a simple, formal outfit. If you’re in a more conservative setting, like a holiday office party, this allows you to express some style within the confines of the office.

5. Bold Necklace

This is especially good if the rest of your outfit is simple, like a black dress or neutral-colored blazer or sweater. A bold necklace makes a quick and deliberate statement and can be just fine on its own or styled with some more subtle jewelry pieces. 


Your neckline is going to be the determining factor for which necklace you choose. If you have a plunging neckline, a larger necklace that drops lower will take up that extra visual space well. If you’re wearing a higher neckline or even a sweater or dress shirt, consider something closer to the neck. If you don’t want to go with a necklace, a choker is a great alternative.

6. Gold Bracelet

Whether you’re wearing a gold ring or not, the gold bracelet is always a go-to. In the holiday party setting, you can get away with a more elaborate one as well. While it’s perfectly fine to go simple here, consider this an opportunity to wear something a little more out there. Look for something with ornate designs or festive and fun charms.

If you aren’t sure where to start, just pick a couple of these and try them out. If you’ve got your accessories down already, we hope you found some inspiration for your next look!


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