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Fashion is a language that all of us know how to speak but in different ways. No dialect or accent goes the same for everyone; each one of us has the ability to speak it adversely. Some women may talk about fashion through bodycon dresses, and some through women's plus size clothing online. It is us who choose how to speak it and make people understand who and what we are. With fashion comes style and the need to understand the difference between both. Many people think that their dress sense is a depiction of both fashion and style. They may go hand in hand but hold a different meaning altogether. 

Fashion Patterns

Difference between Fashion and Style

Individual vs Collective: Style is something that belongs to a unique and differs from person to person. That individual could be someone from the fashion industry, like a fashion designer, or someone from the outside. On the other hand, fashion is what we follow as a whole. It is the global trends that run in the business, and people follow to keep up with the trends. 

Timeless vs Trendy: Style is something that is timeless, and fashion is following the trends. Someone who likes to follow the fashion trends and choose the clothes that are under the top-picks category is someone who is more intrigued with fashion. But someone who wants to choose their kind of clothes irrespective of the trends in the market is someone who believes in style over fashion. Both fashion and style hold their places; it is upon us what we go after. 

Fashion may change with time, but style remains eternal. It is like your looks can change with time, but your soul remains the same. Fashion may make clothes look aesthetically appealing, but style expresses your inner self and reflects your personality.

It may not be very clear for us sometimes to choose the perfect outfit for various occasions.This can be because of a lack of knowledge about how to carry yourself in a fashionable way.  Bringing together different clothes and putting them to wear together at once may be a difficult task. On top of it, choosing the proper footwear and accessories can also be a struggle sometimes. Even if you understand what color combination to follow or which fabric to wear, you will still need to pick a new outfit every time for different occasions and events. At Alembika, we believe that every woman should look her best irrespective of what she wears and how she wears it. But, a little fashion tip goes a long way. Style in vogue effortlessly with some tips that we have for you. 

Dress With Grace and Embrace

Now you can carry the same look every day, but a little change can always make you look a little different. Especially at parties or events, when you dress differently, it makes you look glorious and gives a mocking impression. So, let us dig into what to pick for which event, occasion, and day. 

Party - A party signifies the celebration of a special day. It could be a birthday, anniversary, or promotion. You do not go to a party every day, and thus you must carry a striking look. What goes best for a party is something minimal yet catchy. You can always pick a little black dress (LBD) to carry a distinguished look. With a little black, you are never overdressed or underdressed for a party. Carry a hobo bag and wear a pair of stilettos to get a more voguish look.

Meeting - A meeting with your boss or client may be a milestone in your career as it gives you a chance to show who you really are with your work. The first impression is always set by how you are dressed up. Make sure to carry a look that makes you look decent yet bold at the same time. Suits for professional women are on the rise. Style it with a white tuxedo shirt or a classic white shirt that goes a long way. To complete the look, carry a clutch and wear a pair of comfortable wedges that give a professional look. Do not forget to tie your hair into a ponytail to give a more refined look.

Casual - The most comfortable a woman feels is when she dresses up casually. A casual wear can include wearing a t-shirt dress, boyfriend jeans, and tank top, or treggings with an oversized t-shirt. But what we like the best is wearing a polo t-shirt with a pair of cargo shorts accompanied by sunnies. To make it look more casual, you can wear sneakers that feel comfortable when worn for hours. A simple look may also depend on the type of activity you are doing, whether you are going shopping or to the movies.

Brunch - A brunch is exciting in two ways - you get to eat your favorite food and dress in the most enjoyable way. A brunch calls for something relaxing, and this is why we suggest wearing a cropped shirt with a high waisted midi skirt along with a pair of boots. You can also pair your shirt with vintage jeans and ballet flats. But a cropped sweater gives a very relaxed vibe to go with the brunch. And do not forget to carry a micro bag that makes you look chic.

No matter what the occasion, don't forget to click hundreds of pictures. ;) 

Always remember how your dress is one way to look stylish but how you carry yourself and the confidence you carry is the best way to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Each body is different in its own way and should be embraced the way it is. Don't question yourself on others' judgments; it is you who decides how to feel about yourself.

We had a really lovely time writing this blog for you. It reminded us that dressing is a way to express yourself to the world. And do not forget to carry a smile with every outfit because a smiling face is what compliments your outfit.

Happy Reading! :) 


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