5 Style Tips That Work for Every Occasion

Styling an outfit that is perfect for an upcoming occasion can be a source of stress. What will the vibe of the event be? Will you be overdressed or under? Will you feel your best or do you have to sacrifice comfort for what looks good? We’re here to help put a stop to the madness.

Putting together a look is easier than you think as long as you keep our five helpful points in mind. Here are our foundational style tips to follow that will work for every type of occasion.

1. Shapewear Is for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime — Take this first styling tip and keep it top of mind for any and all events that require you to look your best: always wear shapewear underwear. Truly, we mean always! If you want to not only look great but also feel comfortable underneath, then shapewear is a must.

Gone are the old days of your grandmother’s knee-highs. Shaper undergarments are made with soft, buttery fabrics that provide you with the comfort and support you need.

Shapewear pieces are made for all body types, any occasion and all varieties of outfit needs. If it’s a tight-fitting dress, a sheer pair of pants, or any other article of unforgiving clothing, there is a shaper undergarment suited for your need.

The best part of wearing shapewear is that no one besides you will know. It’s your best-kept secret that helps you not only appear smoothed out, held in and lifted where you want to be, but you’ll also feel like your most confident and stylish self. What’s not to love? Stock up and start looking great and feeling comfortable. 


Style Wear

2. Never Underestimate the Power of Confidence — Our second style tip that works for all occasions is to never underestimate how powerful and confident you can feel just by changing up what you’re wearing, even if no one but you sees it.

Sexy bras and underwear are suitable for all occasions to give you a boost in self-esteem. Whether it’s ultimately just for you or if it’s for someone else (wink, wink), feeling sexy and wearing a sheer or lace little something just in case is always a good idea.


Sexy Bra

3. Don’t Settle — A universal tip to not only apply when styling any outfit but also every other area of life, is to never force an outfit or settle for less than what you want. You deserve to look and feel great. That can’t happen if you’ve settled for a different color, fit or style than you’re happy with.

Research shows that those with high self-esteem often perform better than those who view themselves negatively. What may start out as settling on wearing an outfit or style that you don’t feel comfortable in or love can actually result in lower performance and higher stress. Set yourself up for success throughout your day and wear what boosts your self-esteem.

Avoid uncomfortable outfits and never force yourself to wear a style you don’t absolutely love. You can thank us later.

4. Simple Accessories Work for Anything — To keep your style easy and versatile for any occasion, a collection of simple, understated accessories will always come in handy. Minimalist, simple accessories are elegant which makes them perfect for dressing up or down whenever needed.

For special or holiday occasions, there may be a specific need for loud, chunky jewelry or costume accessories — but for the overwhelming majority of the days on your calendar, simple is all you need. Minimalist jewelry and other accessories are perfect for achieving the necessary look for any occasion.

Simple gold chain necklaces with small pendants or mini hoop earrings can be worn for absolutely any type of event — fancy or casual. If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck and stretch your pieces for all types of gatherings, less is more. Simple, elegant accessories are the solution to your style problems.

Simple Accessories

5. Comfort Is King — To build off of and reiterate the theme running through all of our styling tips, we will finish off with one overarching tip to rule them all: Comfort is King (and/or Queen).

Whether you’re going for sexiness or utility, you have to feel good and comfortable in what you’re wearing. Anything less than comfortable will have you itching to get home and change, doubting yourself and maybe even appearing less confident throughout your event. Wearing styles that provide comfort is a rule you should never budge on.

To conclude, follow these style tips that stretch and work for all occasions. Sexy underwear and shapewear are absolute must-haves in your underwear drawer at home and are appropriate for any day of the year. Elegantly understated jewelry is always great to have on hand as well.

Above all, remember that you will look your best but also feel your best when you prioritize comfort in all of the styles you choose to wear. The choice and the power is yours.


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