Gym Style : How To Look And Feel Great

    There is something about wearing a great gym outfit that can give you that extra little push to work harder during your workout. Most importantly having a cute selection of gym attire just gives you more of a reason to show up and look your best! When you first start the gym the overall objectives are to get in shape and begin your fitness journey. As you start to reach your goals and targets the gym tends to become a habit, at which point we start to look into how we can make the experience more enjoyable than it already is.

    Importance Of Good Gym Clothes

    Gym clothing specific for the gym is not only necessary for looking your best but buying the specific clothing for the type of exercise you are doing is key for optimizing your workouts. If you have a good workout you would expect to sweat a lot, and drawing this perspiration away from your body is important for carrying on your workout and also naturally cooling your body down. Gym clothing often follows similar materials to achieve this effect, such as polyester and lycra blends. 

    Not only should your clothing be optimal for breathability, but you also need to ensure that the selected pieces will allow your body to move and stretch without any potential damage or ripping. There is nothing worse than being at the gym ready for a great leg day, and then realizing your leggings are see-through! Avoid the embarrassment, and find yourself some quality versions of these selected pieces we recommend:

    Sleek Sneakers

    What you wear on your feet can determine the quality of your workout. If your trainers are uncomfortable and do not fit your feet properly not only can they cause blisters but you can also develop muscle and joint problems in your legs. Having sensible shoes is always a valuable choice, but they do not have to look boring and mundane. Some of the best shoes that are optimal for running and weight training have all different designs and colors available. Step outside your comfort zone and get a statement pair of trainers for performance and look like an expert in your chosen workout.

    Supportive Sports Bras 

    No matter what your body shape or size is, wearing the correct sports bra that also looks cute can also contribute to a great workout. Once again sports bras, if not fitted correctly, can lead to health complications such as back problems and poor posture. The idea of the sports bra is to secure the ‘girls’ as much as possible and limit the amount of movement to avoid any development of back problems. Getting the support you need is vital so you should ensure you set out to find the correct sports bra for your shape. Do not fret if you think they will cramp your style, because who said they need to look unflattering? Many sports bras have been manufactured today to keep you secure whilst looking extremely flattering, so if you are wanting to wear one as the top half of the gym set you are guaranteed to get a lot of use out of it.

    Seamless Silhouette Sets 

    Women Gym Wear

    If you are going for that perfectly put-together gym look, bagging yourself a seamless set is a must! The concept of seamless sets is to provide you with a durable, flexible, lightweight feeling whilst looking super flattering. They are one of the most popular womens gymwear pieces to have now. If you are looking for an outfit that you can throw on, and have a selection of different colour ways whilst hugging your figure, a seamless set is essential. 

    Oversized Hoodies For Comfort 

    Oversized Hoodies For Comfort

    For those of you who are not feeling particularly comfortable in the gym, and perhaps you do not like the idea of accentuating your shape, an oversized hoodie might be a useful investment. Of course, oversized hoodies aren't particularly made for breathability and performance, but they are great if you are starting to figure out your place in the gym and slowly gaining your body confidence. They can look trendy with a pair of seamless leggings, ankle socks, and chunky trainers. Top it off with a cap for the ultimate cool gym-girl look.

    Gym Bags Are A Must

    Gym Bags

    Some may say that gym bags are not a fashion outfit, but when you are a gym attendee everything you bring with you is a reflection of how much of a pro you are at working out, whilst looking your best. A great gym bag will not only be useful for keeping all the necessities with you, but it will also match your gym vibe. A big, boring-looking duffle bag will just make you look like you’re going on a trip. Find some glamorous patterns to show you have the desired balance of sports professionalism whilst standing out.

    Tone Down The Makeup 

    Tone Down The Makeup

    If you have been finding your skin has been breaking out more than often in the gym, your skin might be generating too much oil. Having a thick layer of makeup on especially won’t help your skin as your facial pores will be opening up with sweat, and letting all the dirt seep in. If you feel more comfortable with makeup on there is no pressure to change that, however, if you want to look your best without worrying about your face melting off try to cut down on the amount you wear to the gym. If you are worried about getting a ‘tomato face’ firstly keep in mind that everyone is more concerned about their workout and not your face, and secondly you might want to invest in a hydrating spray. They can keep you feeling and looking refreshed whilst giving you a nice cooling feeling.


    Overall these are just some of the essentials we would recommend to have in your wardrobe for an optimal gym workout. Understandably, how hard you train and get results is not solely down to what you wear, but adding these small changes to your working out habits is a great way to boost the momentum and make the most out of your session. Looking great can make you feel great even on your worst days, so get on that perfect gym outfit and push yourself to achieve your gym goals. 


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