9 tips to Get your Jewelry Pairing Right on Every Occasion

A large part of your overall look, for any occasion, depends upon the jewelry you are wearing. Every occasion demands a specific piece of jewelry and you should know how to pair your jewelry right. It starts with segregating your jewelry into several categories (casual, formal, festive, etc.) so that you can ‘nail your look’ every single time. We are going to help you achieve it all; scroll down the article and get some helpful tips on slaying your look for different occasions.


Your Go-to Jewelry

There are some jewelry pieces (maybe your favorite studs, a statement necklace, or an antique piece) that are your go-to pieces. The best thing about such pieces is that you can pair them with almost every outfit. These jewelry pieces are low maintenance and suit your personality. The underlying point here is that you should have these jewelry pieces in your closet for all your casual outings. A pair of studs, a gold chain, a layered necklace, bracelets, platinum rings, etc. are some of the casual jewelry pieces you should have in your wardrobe.

Jewelry When You are Out with Your Girls’ Gang

This is the time to become playful and bring your crazy side out in the open. When you are out with your gang, you do not want to play by the rules, which is why you should always wear the jewelry that you wish to wear but are too conscious about it. You can go bold & loud; you can go for beaded jewelry or you can go all sparkly & shiny. Think of this as an experiment, where you can find out which all jewelry type suits your body type, your skin tone, and your personality.

Jewelry When You are Out on a Date

You need to give some real thought to this kind of jewelry! Of course, you do not want to look like you over-tried to impress your date, yet look stunningly gorgeous. You need to pick jewelry that accentuates your best feature and leaves a good impression on your date. Having said that, you will need to first pick your dress and then match the jewelry accordingly. So, let us say you are going with the V-neck dress. You will want to pair it with a short statement necklace and drop earrings; or if you are going with an off-shoulder or straight-across neckline, you will probably want to pair it up with a choker & highlight your collarbone region.  

Jewelry for Your Office

Adding the right jewelry to your formal outfit adds a vibe to your overall persona. It goes unsaid that you do not want loud jewelry at such formal occasions; it is important to keep it minimal yet impressive enough. Another factor that you need to consider before selecting office jewelry is that it should not create hindrances for you or your colleagues while you are working (do not wear noisy jewelry or very sparkly jewelry). If you are going with the basic platinum ring, diamond studs, and gold or platinum pendant, then that totally works in the office environment. You can also experiment a bit with pearls; also, if you are married, carrying a wedding ring is always elegant and classy

Jewelry for Weddings

Weddings are tricky because a wedding is a traditional, formal, and extremely intimate occasion. Plus, if you are performing some ceremony at the wedding, then you would like to carry a unique piece of jewelry and if you are just an attendee, you would dress differently. Getting crystal jewelry for this occasion is one of the safest bets. Match it with your outfit and you are good to go. If it is a destination wedding, then you would want to pick your dress & jewelry as per the theme of the wedding. To get it right, go for beaded jewelry if the theme is a beach wedding. If the wedding is happening at some royal place, you can also go for vintage jewelry. There are several platforms that will help you to find the best deals while shopping online

Jewelry You Wear on Festive Occasions

If you have been waiting for the perfect occasion to show off your fashion jewelry, then a festive occasion is the best time to do that. This is the time when you can just go over the board and glam your overall appearance with the most elaborate jewelry that you have in your closet. Do not shy away; go for layered necklaces (maybe a long necklace with a choker) or even multiple-layer charm bracelets. You can even mix-match by combining a layer of a pearl necklace with beaded jewelry. The best part about fashion jewelry is that you can always exchange them with your friends/ family, and always wear something new. 

Jewelry for Fanciful Parties/ Dinners

You come across a lot of faces at such parties & get-togethers; some know you and some try to get to know you. No matter what, you always want to leave a good impression on people you meet at such parties. This is the time when you should wear jewelry sets (trust me, it looks elegant & rich). Decide on your jewelry set only after picking the right dress for yourself. If you are going with a cocktail dress or a maxi dress, you can choose to pair it with diamond jewelry or crystal jewelry. If you are going with designer gowns, then you might skip the necklace part and go for elaborate drop earrings and matching bracelets. 

Jewelry for Specific Season

Fashion trends depend a lot upon various seasons, and so is the choice of a jewelry piece. There are certain seasonal rules that you can follow to get your jewelry right. Springs and summers are about playful colors, floral themes, and casual wear. This is the season when you can show off your colorful jewelry and floral designs. Now, when you enter the autumn and winter season, you can pick monotones like pearls and crystals. To make it simpler, you can just check online stores to find the right jewelry for a specific season. 


As important as it is to pick the right outfit fit for an occasion, it is equally important to match your outfit with the right jewelry. You obviously do not want to look out of place on any kind of occasion. Having said that, you still want to be you and dress in a way that suits you the best. It is time to explore yourself, do a lot of mixes & matches, and get to know what you like about yourself the most.


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