3 Benefits of Vintage Jewellery!

If you’re looking to expand your collection of jewellery and are considering a few vintage pieces, you’re in the right place! Vintage jewellery has so many benefits, aside from it being exceptionally beautiful, that we are here to discuss. Pieces of vintage jewellery have so much life left in them and their beauty deserves to be appreciated. So, before buying a modern piece, head to a vintage jewellers and see what you think. If these three things don’t encourage you, we’re not sure what will! 

Vintage Jewellery

Unparalleled Craftsmanship 

The first big benefit of vintage jewellery is that the craftsmanship used to create the pieces is absolutely unparalleled. Created before mass production was widely available, each piece of vintage and antique jewellery was handcrafted by experts, resulting in highly unique pieces that took hours to create, helping to ensure their quality. The features unique to each jeweller shine through, so you know that when you buy a piece of vintage jewellery, there will be very few pieces out there that are like it. Often you will also be able to learn the history of the piece if it comes with the right paperwork. So, if you add a piece to your accessories collection, you can explain the story of where it came from!

Better Value For Money

Another big benefit of vintage jewellery is that it is better value for money. Because pieces of vintage and antique jewellery will have already been purchased once, they are VAT exempt. For example, this means that you can buy a vintage engagement ring for example, with the same quality and size metal and gemstone, but for 20% cheaper. You’ll get much more for your money when you choose vintage, and it holds and even builds its value over time, so you know this is a worthwhile investment. So, if you have something specific in mind, definitely have a look at vintage options and see what’s available. 

More Sustainable 

Our third benefit of vintage jewellery is that it is much more sustainable than modern jewellery. Firstly, as the piece is already made, it is not having to go through the process of being extracted, cleaned and transported across the world, which is very draining on resources. Additionally, at the time when the gemstones and metals used in vintage jewellery were extracted, the processes used to do so were far less damaging. Less chemicals were used that affected local environments, and the processes required to then create the jewellery itself were also much more organic. Finally, you are also making sure that the efforts that went into creating the beautiful vintage jewellery in the first place aren’t wasted! 

Final Thoughts

So, we hope we have shown you how incredible vintage jewellery is, not only for its beauty, but also the unique craftsmanship, the value for money and the sustainability elements. Vintage jewellery might not be right for everyone, but we urge you to go to a proper vintage jewellers so you can see exactly what the pieces look like in real life, as often the photos really don’t do them justice. 


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