Choosing The Most Competitive Dance Costumes

The history of fringe dance pants is fascinating. It is a Native American idea to use fringe in several ways to meet their living conditions. Until the material entered the fashion scene in the 1920s, fringe was added to skirts and dresses to conceal skin.  Dance enthusiasts found fringe a great addition to any garments to enhance their flair during performances. 

Costumes indeed play a significant role in dancing. Hence, finding apparel that fits the competition is crucial to deliver a good performance. Read this article to have ideas for choosing the right dance costumes for you! 

Things to Consider When Buying Dance Costumes

The market can offer a wide range of dance costumes to choose from. Each one is made for specific purposes, so be smart to pick the ideal garment for your competition's needs. Below are the factors to help you find the suited apparel for you:

1. Cost 

The primary concern is how much you are willing to spend to buy a dance costume. They differ in price due to many factors. Consumers may opt to rent or purchase costumes, depending on their budget. The prior could be best if you are a seasonal dancer but fetching a costume is more appropriate for the pros. It might be costlier to permanently own a costume but will benefit you in the long run. 

2. Materials Used 

Understanding the different materials used to create dance costumes will help you decide which one suits you best. The right fabric will bring comfort and elegance as you hit the dance floor. It should fit your style and is truly performance wear to impress the audience. 

A few of the materials you can pick from are satin, spandex, chiffon, and sequin fabric. All of these materials have a lustrous feature that will make you shine on stage. Also, choose fabric types that fit your budget. 

A single fact about fabric is what it portrays. It is never to enhance the body but the dance moves. Consequently, the criteria are not based on the dancewear. Real performers do not wear day-to-day clothing while dancing just like in the movies. Their materials won’t be fitting for the body to move gracefully. 

3. Design

After selecting material for your dance costume, decide on how it will look based on the dance choreography. Most dresses are easy to customize and you can add some glitter appeal. One thing to note is that the overall costume must correspond to the performer’s style of dancing. It does not need to be too glamorous but most of the time, simplicity can make a person stand out. 

Dance Costumes

Along with the design is the dress’ color which will have an impact on the overall performance. It will heighten your form and dance moves without putting in so much effort. Be wise enough in choosing the right shade and make it suitable for the choreography. 

Share your ideas with a costume designer until both of you come up with a nice dance costume for the competition. 

4. Comfort 

Dancing requires passion and energy to pull off the best performance. Comfort plays a key role to keep that passion on the dance floor burning. This is often overlooked in making dance apparel but it should not be that way. Such a thing must be prioritized before anything else in costume design. 

This includes choosing breathable fabrics to keep it cool for the dancers who perform for longer periods on stage. Additionally, avoid materials that may cause itchiness. 

Why Wear Dance Costumes?

While some dancers do not bother to look for proper costumes, knowing the following benefits will change your mind: 

1. Dance Costumes Make You Stand Out 

Winners in dance competitions have one secret - suitable dancewear. The right fabric design can make a dancer the best among the rest. It is not easy to impress the crowd with just charming moves but a nice fashion will add up. 

2. Dance Costumes Sweeten Your Moves 

Pro dancers believe that the right costume enhances their body movements. This is true as most dance costumes are well-embellished with sequins and other accessories to exaggerate your dance moves. 


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