Wide Band Engagement Rings for Women

You've plucked up your courage and finally decided to buy your better half an engagement sparkler. The budget is set; you're reading up on the 4C's, testing the waters, comparing prices. Well, we've got one more thing you should account for-shank width. So much goes into the design of engagement bands that this parameter is often overlooked. However, it can influence general appearance greatly. So, take a moment and ponder: how do you visualize the accessory? 

Usually, we think of an engagement ring as a dainty, thin one, but you can also opt for other arrays of widths. Believe it or not, chunky rings are becoming mainstream. The bodacious look leaves young customers yearning for more. It also helps to know large bands have a comfortable feel on the skin. Once the ring is placed on your partner's finger, even the slightest millimeter deviation can take the joy out of the wearing. 

Engagement Rings for Women

Here are a few things to consider before reaching to your pockets and making a significant  purchase: 

Pros. Laying Out the Obvious and the Hidden 

Tons of design solutions. Due to an extensive surface, you may add as many glittering gems as your beloved craves and experiment with various shapes and coolers. More space means more room for creativity. 

If your partner is a humble person, play the pattern differently and pick out elegant and understated shanks without embellishments. The considerable advantage of wide bands is that they make a statement on their own. If you don't want the brilliant resting on the ring, it won't be lacking. Thus, whether you aim for the contemporary or conservative image, thick engagement rings will do the trick.  

A perfect foundation for a bride's set. No secret, stacking rings are the fad of 2022. Why not start your collection with a unique engagement band? A thick minimalistic shank will free your hands and enable you to mix diverse styles within one ensemble. 

Prolonged Durability and Sturdiness. The more extensive the ring, the more protection it grants. A wider shank will give you more metal to support the centerpiece and accent stones. If you had your fair portion of doubt about halo or pave settings, you can brush it aside. Multiplied width prevents any gems from falling out, chipping or banging. Some studies also revealed: bulky rings better endure stress tests, e.g. they don't bend or buckle as much as their traditional counterparts during grocery trips or household chores marathons. Therefore, they are an ideal gift for people who lead an active lifestyle or work a lot with their hands.   

Teeny-Tiny Downside 

The only con of wide engagement bands is their pricing. The thicker shank visually shrinks diamonds' size, so you might have to splurge on higher carats. If you ask us, the investment is completely justified. For a slightly heftier tag, you'll get yourself lifetime ''servitude'', unparalleled sheen, modern fashion choice and practical accessory. 

Pairing with Stones and Settings 

Wide engagement bands can accommodate all kinds of styles. Vintage, solitaire, bezel – select whatever you are inclined to. However, be mindful: the stone to metal ratio has to be carefully thought through. You don't need a center gem to get lost in the picture or clash with other rocks. If you are unsure about your preferences, contact a jeweller, and he will give you advice and explain the nuances of each setting.  

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