A Guide to Building the Perfect Women T-Shirt Wardrobe

Perfect Women T-Shirt

Women love fashion; they live it, crave it, love it, and do it. Every woman cares about fashion, probably because they all desire to be called beautiful. However, while looking classy, women also want to be comfortable. Many will opine that being beautiful is enough stress; hence, they wouldn't want any more added by their clothing.

So, what is the solution? What can a woman wear to look beautiful without being overly uncomfortable? You guessed right – T-shirts.

T-shirts are like the underdogs of fashion – they aren't so appreciated, but they permanently save the day. Every lady has at least a pair of casual t shirts for women in her wardrobe, and therefore, they can attest to their efficiency. Nevertheless, with the variety of women's t-shirts available, women often have difficulty figuring out which is ideal for them and how best to build their wardrobe.

If that sounds like you, then you're in for a treat. This article sheds light on the types and styles of t-shirts, pointing out tips for building your t-shirt wardrobe. Are you pumped? Let's get into it.

T-Shirts: An Origin

T-shirts are found everywhere in the world – from the Americas to Oceania. As ubiquitous as they're, only a few people know the origin of the t-shirt. Where did it come from, and what made it so famous?

Since the 1800s, the military's t-shirts have been a military issue to its soldiers. However, it was not until the 1920s that they became part of what has grown to become "modern fashion." This foray into the fashion world was thanks to Coco Chanel, who had many photographs wearing striped t-shirts laden with pearl strands and natch.

In the 1950s, white tees, another name for the popular stark-white t-shirts, became an iconic piece of clothing after being worn by famous actors such as James Dean in "Rebel Without a Cause" and Marlon Brando in "A Streetcar Named Desire." Fast forward to the Vietnam War, they had become a powerful protest medium as youths printed anti-war messages in graphic style on them.

Thus, as a historical classic, it doesn't surprise the amount of popularity the t-shirt garners. Even less puzzling is the number of styles available. Trust me, within a couple of years; there'll be more. However, it's still a mystery how women's t-shirts came about, and I guess we will find out someday. 

Are you curious to get the hang of the many types of quality women's t-shirts available? Below are some of the most common t-shirt types, with attached advice on how to rock them. Ensure to choose quality basic pieces for your wardrobe.

Women T-Shirt Types

Fashion isn't routine – that means that things come in different styles, types, and forms. Various options exist, from dresses to gowns to t-shirts, prompting varying choices. These choices depend on the occasion, season, time of day, and the wearer's taste. If you seek a great wardrobe, then it will be wise to have at least three different t-shirt types in your closet.

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Regular T-Shirt/Crewnecks

Although this type of t-shirt needs no introduction, I'll give a brief description of its structure. The regular t-shirt is the average round-necked t-shirt you see every day at the mall, the bank, the airport, etcetera. With no fancy modifications attached, it is probably the most common type of t-shirt found in stores. 

Despite its simplicity, it can be unique by adding printed designs and illustrations. This type of t-shirt is best worn with jackets and is perfect for outings with friends and family. Need feel-good attire for a trip to the zoo? Then grab a regular tee, topped with a cool leather jacket and some comfy jeans, and you’re good to go!

Trust me, regular t-shirts are one of the quality basic pieces for your wardrobe.


V-necks are very popular, particularly those who love to show off some collarbone. Characterized by a low-hanging neck shaped like a "V," a V-neck is suitable for exposing collarbones, showing off a little cleavage, and visually elongating your torso. It is a good t-shirt choice for petites or women with curvy frames. 


The scoop is almost similar to the V-neck as they give the same effect to the body. However, the significant difference between the scoop and the V-neck is the rounded end of the former. It goes best with jackets, blazers, and cardigans, giving an overall cute look. 

Women T-Shirt

Tank tops

Some people call them "sleeveless" t-shirts, but that's archaic. As the term "sleeveless" denotes, this type of t-shirt lacks (you've guessed it already) sleeves, and they're the perfect apparel for a morning jog or summer workout. Choose a comfortable fit that allows for easy body movement and adequate aeration.

Boat Neck

Funny name, right? If you're curious, the neck has a boat shape. Otherwise called the bateau neck, starting somewhere above the shoulders, it extends downward across the collarbone with the lower border positioned a few inches below the tip of the sternum. Anatomical jargon aside, the t-shirt was invented by Jeanne Lanvin, a French designer.

Have you got good shoulders and clavicles? Then, this is another t-shirt type that lets you show them off. Don a bateau shirt tucked into high-waist jeans accompanied by a blazer, and you're ready to hit the road.

Styles of Women T-shirts

Numerous women's t-shirt styles range from baby dolls to henleys to kaftans to cami tops, and the list goes on. As said earlier, your choice depends on your taste, the season, the occasion, and other extenuating factors. Below are some standard women's t-shirt styles with attached advice on when and where to wear them.


Perfect for all forms of casual outings, the blouse fits the description of an all-rounder. It can go with a skirt, a pair of skinny jeans, or even shorts. Blouses can be full-sleeve or half-sleeve, and they go perfectly well with heels and flat bellies. Find out more casual summer outfits here. Many designers have ranked blouses as one of the best women's basic tees.

Cami Top

A cami top offers a mixture of comfort and chic. Want to slay with class comfortably, then a cami top is your best bet. This top shows off your nice-shaped upper body with thin spaghetti straps and round necks. It goes well with a pair of skinny or ripped jeans, shorts, or long flowy pants.


This cute shirt may have long or short sleeves, but it's commonly known for its elasticated band below the bust, with attached gathers. The peplum shirt allows you to hide your belly while still looking good. It goes well with a pair of jeans, tight skirts, short or skinny pants.

Other ordinary women's t-shirt styles include kaftans, one-shoulder shirts, bardots, bodysuits, etcetera.

Start Building Your Wardrobe Today!

Your wardrobe is like a work of art that depicts your taste and style in fashion. Therefore, it's no surprise that women take their time to build their wardrobes carefully. It all begins with a single step of visiting a reputable t-shirt vendor near you to check out the different styles and types available. Step up your style today by selecting quality basic pieces for your wardrobe.


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