These 11 Fashion Tops Work For Any Style

No matter what your style is, there are a few types of women’s fashion tops that work for you. Below, we’ll take a look at solid styles that work well for any style. These cuts are great for any type of pattern, look, and combination you can think of. Owning some of these universal tops can help you focus on the other parts of your wardrobe! 

Fashion Tops

Basic T-Shirts

Need we say more? Every style needs a few basic t-shirts to fall back on. Pick up a few that fit into your style options for some casual flair that’s always got your back. 

Sleeveless Shirt

Sleeveless shirts aren’t the same as tank tops. These shits cover your shoulders and have some type of collar or neckline. You can wear them for casual days out, or you can dress them up for workdays. Sleeveless shirts pair well with skirts, blazers, slacks, and even jeans. They’re incredibly versatile and you can’t have enough of them! 


Camis work great for layering. You can use them to dress up your basic pieces or wear them under some of your dressier pieces for unique looks. You can style camis in a variety of ways, so you should choose as many different camis as you think you’ll need!

Tunic top

A tunic top is loose, stylish, and has beautiful draping properties. Tunics can create a unique silhouette. They can be longer or shorter depending on your preference, so make sure to stock up on a few tunics for different occasions. 

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Turtleneck Tops

Turtlenecks can change your shape and keep your neck warm at the same time! Wear them under layers for colder months, or find thinner, sleeveless turtlenecks for warmer months. Like most of the tops on this list, turtlenecks are versatile enough for use on most occasions.

Button-Down Shirts

Button-downs are great for business casual wear, but having a few in your closet can give your wardrobe a more formal appeal. You can pair them with jeans for more casual wear, too. Button-downs are clean and versatile, so they work for a wide variety of styles. 

Plaid or Flannel Shirt

Plaid and flannel shirts are a staple, but they’ve often been attributed to your significant other. Now more! There are a ton of feminine flannel shirts you can pick up, especially if they go with your style. They have a loose, relaxed fit. They are warm, soft, and there are a dozen ways to style them. Pick a few to truly open up your options. 

Wrap Tops

Wrap tops can be great for days when you feel a little bloated or plan on eating a lot. These tops wrap around your body and tend to look good no matter how tightly you wrap them! Every wardrobe deserves a wrap top that fits well for these occasions and more. 

Crop Top

Crop tops are more popular than ever. If you’re not afraid to show off some skin, a crop top can be a cute, sassy addition to your wardrobe. Any style can take advantage of crop tops. You can find tighter or looser options. Some have sleeves, some are entirely sleeveless. There are even longer crop tops for styles that demand them!

Tank Top

Sometimes, all you need is a good tank top. You can wear one casually on your hottest summer days, or set aside a tank or two just for working out at the gym. Truly, the options are endless. Tanks can serve as great undershirts, but you can rock them on their own, too. 

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Sweater or Sweatshirt

A sweatshirt, sweater, or hoodie can be a great addition to any wardrobe. The type and cut of your sweater or sweatshirt depend on your style, but you should have one regardless. Whether it’s a little chilly outside or there’s snow on the ground, this universal layer can get the job done fashionably. The type of sweater you choose can also determine if you dress it up or down. They’re incredibly versatile and essential.


These cuts work with just about any style you could imagine! Stock up in shirts with these cuts to ensure your wardrobe has enough coverage for lazy days at home, casual brunch with friends, and more formal occasions as well. 


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