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Fashion is a constantly evolving phenomenon. Every three to four months, new fashion trends emerge, rendering what you wore last year outdated and out of style this year. And despite the popular belief that fashion is only for fancy, it is actually a very potent tool to achieve self-confidence and self-contentment. So, whether it is crashing your cousin's chic Punjabi wedding or hanging out with friends in a posh escape room in Bangalore, every location, occasion, and the company deserves your best fashion moments! Take a look at this list of the top 10 teenage fashion trends you can adapt to stay on top of the game in 2022.

Best Teenage Fashion Trends

1. Layering 

Layering remains popular among teens across all seasons. You can you're your sweatshirts and hoodies with tees and dresses to create layered ensembles. Layering also allows you to experiment with the pieces that currently exist in your collection and make your style more personal. Allow yourself to play around with different textures, materials, weights, patterns, and colors; your clothing options will be unlimited. You can wear bright t-shirts under tunics with colorful patterns. 


2. Denim is here to stay! 

Denim remains a relevant trend even in 2022. Jeans, denim jackets, and overalls are the favorite college wear items across teens.  Trendy denim jackets and straight jeans from Rock-On can be used to create spring ensembles. Each girl's wardrobe should also have tight skinny jeans that will last more than one season. You can also sport pegged pants with embroidery, vibrant designs, and ornate trim. 

On the runway and at the airport, models are frequently spotted wearing tattered jeans or faded fabric. A sweatshirt with an original simple print or a wide openwork knit sweater can complete the appearance. You can create your own style and get ideas from the internet.  

3. Graphic Print 

Another up-and-coming trend in the fashion industry is jacquard fabric, as well as a print with imitation of jacquard print. Monochromatic items also can be harmoniously mixed with printed wardrobe parts to make for chic and trendy looks. A beautiful puffy print jacket will make your weekdays at school or university warm, comfortable, and fashionable and would pair well with almost every piece of clothing. Printed coats, jackets, and tunics are going to be the next big trend in the fashion industry, and every young fashionista should have these in her wardrobe. 

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4. Athleisure wear 

Athleisure leggings should be a must-have item in your closet when it comes to lounge/activewear. You can wear them to the gym, to college, or even to a party with a statement shirt. They are super comfortable and stylish. Pants in this style and color are available in a variety of styles and colors. There is also a great deal of interest in women's athleisure tops. Additionally, university apparel enhances the team and school spirit and looks great at the same time.

It's almost as versatile as leggings, in addition to being incredibly stylish. You can wear them to run errands, go to college, and even to your gyms. It is one of the most popular trends for teens in 2022, with many brands such as LuluLemon and other Athleisure wear coming out with their wide variety of athleisure clothing.  

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5. White Sneakers 

When it comes to purchasing shoes for teenagers, comfort and ease of mobility are essential. Not only are sneakers incredibly convenient, but they also pair well with almost all items of clothing. Be it summer dresses, plaid jeans, or even trousers; sneakers end adding a statement to these looks. In today's market, a good pair of white sneakers and matching apparel from sites such as illCurrency are the best things you can invest in to keep your wardrobe fresh.  

White Sneakers

6. Sunglasses 

This is an accessory that can change the look of your entire outfit. With the plethora of choices available on the internet, you can go for looks as diverse as a retro pair of vintage cat-eyed shades or choose a double-tinted lens to go for a bold look! Black lenses with a silver frame are one of the most common choices among teens as they emphasize your features without looking out of place, and they can be paired with a white shirt or shorts for a casual beautiful summer look. 

Hexagonal frames are also a raging trend in the fashion industry. These frames add the perfect amount of grace and glamor to your dresses while significantly upping your style quotient.  

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7. Vests 

Vests are back in vogue, and the reason for this is the trend of layering. This is generally worn over a blouse or top to add a lot of charm and elegance to any outfit. The styles range from fitted options to mid-thigh length variants, and each style has a different statement look.  While in a long vest, you can go to school, a gala event, or an exhibition. You can wear fitted vests for interviews and formal events as well. 

Vests also work great when paired with cropped capri pants or shorts, straight-cut dresses or skirts, and even blouses or tight-fitting turtlenecks paired with trousers or jeans. A vest goes well with everyday clothing. Add a simple T-shirt with boyfriend jeans to the look, and a stylish, fashionable look for every day is ready!  

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8. Cute Bags 

When it comes to accessories, bags are perhaps the most used ones on the list. A bag can enhance or ruin your look based on how well you make your choice. Statement bags with loud patterns or eye-catching designs are great to upgrade an otherwise simple look. One of the greatest fashion rules of thumb is to match the color of your bag with your shoes to make your outfit look more well-put-together. 

Teenager fashion these days is all about small handbags that reach up to the end of your torso. Sling bangs are still in vogue, though, but only with unique designs or sequin/animal print patterns. When it comes to school purposes, the most noticed trend is simplistic totes and pastel backpacks, with customizations added in the form of patches, stickers, and pins.  

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9. Shorts

For a long time, such a common and popular wardrobe item as shorts has been a summer favorite for every teenage girl. Bike shorts and board shorts managed to take over the prevailing place in the teenage girl fashion in 2022. With the versatility that shots offer, they can be donned for almost any occasion. Juxtapose sporty bike shorts with a tailored jacket and sleek mules. Add a bold jacket and shoes to any denim-shorts look to make a statement. You can choose for yourself from an array of different styles and fabrics but be sure to choose what you feel best and most confident in.  

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10. Back to the basics 

All said and done, at the end of the day, it is very important to have a good collection of the basics. A mini black dress, a white tee, a pair of skinny black jeans, and nude stockings are just a few of the most basic clothing items you need to have to rock your daily looks without much hassle. A simple shirt paired with heavy black accessories effortlessly lifts your look. Cargo pants are also a big rage among fashionistas today owing to their easy style-ability and unmatched comfort and no longer a 90s holdover. Get hold of durable options for your basics as they have impressive reusability.  


The area of teenage fashion today is seeing a lot of older trends come back at once. We have Y2K outfits coexist with 50s Hawaiian shirts with 80s neon clothes-all in one place. And this is because teenagers today are much more educated about self-expression. Teenagers today are not blindly following one single trend. It is an admixture of fashion from different eras and areas, according to each individual's taste and comfort levels.  


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