5 Best Men’s Kurta Pajama Designs

The changing fashion trends have brought about a notable change in people’s dresses across the globe. Especially now, the way they are dressing up themselves is quite impressive. This emergence of fashion applies to traditional and western wear categories in both men’s and women’s outfits. 

Today, men equally want to be dressed up like female counterparts and show their appealing sartorial tastes in the virtual world. For them, a variety of kurta pajama design are made that are easily available in a lot of materials like casual cotton wear and heavily branded suits. In men, this kurta pajamas fashion statement makes a better personality appearance.

Men’s Kurta Pajama Designs

A lot of young people are fond of this type of style because it makes them feel rich. Even though there are a variety of options for men's wear, the traditional kurta pajama design not only stood the test of time but has turned fashion into one of the most popular Indian outfits. Some of the men’s kurtas are the best selling in the market nowadays, suits with every type of occasion.

Short kurta

Long kurta

Designer kurta

Dhoti kurta

Pathani kurta


Just like the traditional saree are popular among Indian women, kurtas are also in high demand in men. The Indian men are looking for eye-catching designs that are unique and are not easily found in regular stores. Keeping this in mind, many fashion designers have made amazing outfits for men using interesting embroideries and stunning stonework. 

Seeing a wide variety of designer and printed kurta pajama design might confuse you while buying and most probably you end up buying more than you need due to its beautiful prints. So, we have listed the best five designer kurtas for men and their matchable pajamas. 

Embroidery Kurta Pajama Design - Men Chikan Kurta

Embroidery-style kurtas are the best choice for weddings and festival occasions. For this, Lucknowi Chikan are in style and can go with all seasons. Threadwork has been applied to the kurta which makes the look classy and chic. Even men who don’t like Indian kurtas with heavy embroidery still want their kurta heavy which can go with the latest style. Nowadays, mirror work and Jaal work are in trend. 

Men Chikan Kurta

Style a Chikan Kurta With:

Aligarh Pajamas

Aligarh pajamas are no doubt comfortable and stylish due to the bottom style paired with a kurta in a modern design. They have straight-cut and flared bottoms that give a perfect look of you with a snugly-fitted kurta.

Pajamas Style

Pajamas, the most popular bottom for wearing with a kurta, are comfortable and easy to wear. The most favorable traditional attire for Indian men that design is straight-cut in the pattern. Normally, pajama is the most common outfit for men to wear with a kurta on festive and sangeet events. 

Geometrical Printed Kurta Designs

Kurtas having geometric prints look appealing, giving modern vibes. When it comes to this particular print, contrast shades can also be used. 

You can either go for random geometric print or select aligned print, it’s all up to your choice. Moreover, you have the option to choose colors like olive green, pink, midnight blue, yellow, rust, etc.

Style a Geometrical Print With:

Jodhpuri Pant

A combination of Jodhpuri pants and geometrical print men’s kurta makes a perfect Indian western look. Just imagine, teaming up a sober-colored bottom with a dark shard kurta together gives a classy appearance. 

Short Kurta Designs

As we see, different kurtas are designed for different occasions. Similarly, the length of the kurta also determines the style of the outfit. Traditionally, straight kurta shorts are divided into two styles. The first one is longer than a shirt but shorter than a kurta and the second is till the waist. Both styles look great with harem pants and jeans for casual and festive occasions.

Short Kurta

Style Short Kurtas With:

Harem Pants

Nowadays, harem pants are in trend, teamed up with kurta for a cool and classic look for festive events. This is a new fashion trend that gives a whole new look to men at wedding events. If you ever wear it with a thigh-high kurta, then it is the best choice that makes one look taller as the fabric at the ankles bunches up.

Stylish Without Collar Men’s Kurta

Men’s Kurta design without a collar is eye-catching and its length till the waist is perfect for festive occasions. It is the most demanded outfit in young boys, especially in college-going boys. Additionally, adding its traditional charm gives your Indo Fusion look a sophisticated touch.

Without Collar Men’s Kurta

Style a Kurta With:

Kurta With Jeans

The combination of kurta and jeans for men is a classic combination. As, Kurta with denim gives a stylish and flawless look, ready to get everyone's attention. When wearing a light-colored kurta, it is recommended that you should choose dark-toned denim or vice versa.

Draped Kurta

Over the last decade, ace Indian menswear designers like Shantanu & Nikhil and Raghavendra Rathore have popularized the draped kurta design for men and made it more accessible due to mass retailer availability.

In a draped kurta style, a prominent fabric drape has been characterized as one of its major elements. Pleats, cowls, and bias-cut panels can all be used in patterns to create a distinctive look.

Style a Draped kurta With:

You can wear stylish and crisp cigarette pants that reach the ankle just below the knee with this draped kurta. And, Voila! You are ready for an event giving undeniably high fashion appeal.


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