Why Fake Eyelashes Became Popular

Eyelashes are one of the most important features on our faces. They protect the eyes. How your eyelashes look is all up to you, some like them curly, voluminous, lengthy, or even very dark in color to make their eyes pop out or just to add on to their beauties.

Not everyone is happy or comfortable with the way their eyelashes are so they resort to getting eyelash extensions. The trend of fake eyelashes has largely grown as everyone wants to try something new. Let us dive into knowing why eyelashes are a popular part of our today lives from past history.

Fake Eyelashes

The beginning

Eyelashes, in Ancient Egypt were desired by both males and females. The Egyptians were going for flurry and voluminous lashes and for that they applied ointment on them, these lashes protected them from the scorching sun. The Romans too desired luminous eyelashes. The long lashes were a sign of virginity and mortality. They took burnt cork to add beauty and glam to their lashes… of course even back in the days people wanted to be eye-catching.

Middle age

Around this error, they were not too much into fake lashes because they believed it was erotic and there was to show more of their beauty than to add to their beauty. They plucked out their eyebrows and eyelashes to give their foreheads more attention and show more of their beauty through their foreheads…classic right? The trend did not last long and the ladies went back to searching for the strangest-eyelash enhancement methods.

Modern age

Fast forward…media influenced how the development of eyelashes changed. Woman with huge eyelashes and bright colors became the new trend. With the influence of more important and famous persons, spiked up this new trend and making it a new trend for eyelash enhancement. Eye makeup became more advanced and the trend grew, fake eyelashes became a new Western cultural trend. From this, fake eyelashes stared to have a natural feel and look, semi-permanent and people, especially devoted celebrities, used these false eyelash extensions till their natural eyelashes fell out. When celebrities start a trend, as devoted fans it is difficult not to follow too, thus these false eyelashes have taken over the trend in the eye makeup business. 

Modern age eyelashes

Now, materials used to make fake eyelashes have a more natural feel because they are, fibers, silk, animal hairs and many other materials. Unlike our friends back in the old days, todays are not too heavy on the eyes. There is now more to eyelash extensions than meets the eye. It could be strip lashes which are glued-on-eyelashes and are temporary, magnetic lashes, which can also be applied as eyeliner and the eyelash is stuck right on top of your natural eyelashes and many others.  


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