10 Crucial Suggestions to Look Fabulous on Your Wedding Day

It is a fact that everyone strives to look best on a wedding day. So, if your wedding day isn’t so far, you must be excited about this special day. Brides usually pay special attention to their beauty as they want to look fabulous. It is important to follow a healthy routine at least a month before the wedding and you can even get a diet plan from a nutritionist to lose weight. This blog has everything a bride-to-be wants to know for looking amazing. So, let’s dive into the details:

Look Fabulous on Your Wedding Day

Drink Plenty of Water

Do you know the secret to best makeup results? Hydrated skin absorbs makeup well and ensures a glow. It is not about shimmer only but you’ll need to drink 8 glasses of water every day. Make sure to take a water bottle wherever you go. Apart from skin glow, it will help you lose weight if you drink warm water. You should not compromise on the hydration level because makeup does not prove very effective in dull and rough skin.

Follow a Skin Care Routine

You can consult a dermatologist regarding the best skincare routine, however the effective way is to get a good sleep of at least 8 hours in the night. We suggest quitting alcohol and drinking fresh juices of seasonal fruits. Apart from it, for at least a month, you should prefer eating veggies and organic food because it also makes your skin glow. What about some DIY tips? 

Make a blend of turmeric, lemon juice, and honey for applying on the face. Leave it for at least five minutes and then wash your face with normal tap water. You’ll see a difference with the use of three to four times. Similarly, placing cucumber slices on your eyes can help in getting rid of dark circles. 

You can buy some branded night creams for better care of your skin. Try to avoid anything that causes pimples on your face and drinking plenty of water also helps in fighting pimples.

Go for Manicure and Pedicure

It is not about facial beauty only but your hands and feet should also look soft and beautiful. We suggest going for manicures and pedicures. You can even bring kits in the house as if you do not like to visit the salon. Remove dirt from your nails and give them a perfect shape. Moisturizer is also important as if your skin remains dry most of the time, try to keep it moisturized with a branded lotion or skincare cream.

Choose Best Nail Art

Do you like nail art? Unlimited ideas for nude nails are available on Google but it depends on your choice of what you like the most. However, if you are not good at such things, you can get these services in a parlor. Natural nails look amazing however if you are unable to get their perfect shape, we suggest using artificial nude nails because they also look classy.

Choose the Best Dress

You must be looking for wedding dress ideas. Get it from a top-rated brand but if you cannot afford that price, we suggest visiting a local market for buying a cheaper yet best dress. Accurate customization of dress is also important and you’ll need to ask the tailor to take measurements for stitching the dress that fits you perfectly. Long-tail maxi looks amazing with high heels and the face net should also be of a unique style.

Ponder Lash and Hair Extensions

There is nothing to worry about small lashes or hair. Do you really think that lashes grow within a month? Eyebrows and lashes do not grow rapidly so the instant available solution is to consider artificial lashes and hair extensions. 

Make sure to choose ones with a good thickness level but maintaining a natural look is also important. Similarly, for hair extension, you can choose between curls and straight hair. It will help you get a dream look on your wedding day

Avoid Sun Damage

You should avoid going out on a sunny day especially if it is summer. However, if you need to go out for office work or shopping, we suggest applying the best sunscreen on your face and do not forget to put your sunglasses on. 

Suntan is not easy to cure and you might not be able to wear makeup on burning skin. So, it is better to stay at home because brides cannot risk their beauty. Keeping yourself protected from sun damage is crucial because it can ruin the even tone of your skin. You should keep your arms and legs covered while going out on a sunny day.

Get Stylish Heels

Heels are important to look tall and classy. You should visit various brands to get the best heels but if you need to save money, we suggest waiting for the ‘Sale Season’ of famous brands. With white maxi, white heels look amazing. Can you walk comfortably with pencil heels? Make sure to wear heels that do not affect your walking style.

Choose a Top-Rated Salon for Makeup

To look fabulous, you’ll obviously require perfect makeup. We suggest choosing a salon that provides the best makeup services. You’ll look stunning if you get the makeup done by an artist. So, ensure an advanced booking to avoid any mess on the wedding day. It is crucial to tell the makeup artist what type of final look you want so he’ll be able to ensure the best results.

Buy Classy Jewelry

It is not about dress and makeup only but you’ll need to wear classy jewelry for a perfect bride look. Try to choose a necklace that looks sober while the earrings should also be of normal size because a bride should carry herself easily.

Feel Confident About Yourself

A bride’s overall beauty is incomplete if she isn’t confident enough. So, you’ll need to love yourself and feel confident about your personality and look. These suggestions will surely help you look stunning on your special day.


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