Measure Neck Size for Perfect Fit Necklace

Mainly necklace measurement and sizing are depending upon the chain length. At the same time, there are some of the standard necklace sizing and measurement which you should always consider while determining the perfect necklace size for your needs. To measure a necklace, the first thing you need to do is choose the length of the chain by using any ruler or measuring tape. Use that measurement tape to figure out whether the necklace is right for your neck or not. 

The first thing you need to do is to unclasp the chain and lay it out in a straight manner. The necklace measurement is essentially chain measurement, and if you want to measure the chain, you need to open it and make it as entirely straight as possible. It is considered to lay out the chain on a table or plane surface and then use a ruler or measurement tape to check the overall length of the necklace.  Also, before buying any necklace, you can check the size of your neck because without knowing the overall size of the neck area, it will be hard to find a chain that will suit your channel.

Helpful tips for finding the perfect size of necklace for your neck

  • Measure your neck area properly

Neck sizing is one of the essential elements when you are looking forward to buying any of the necklaces of your choice. Determining the length will work best for you; hence to measure the neck area, you should first wrap a measurement tape around your neck area and keep the tape measure parallel to the floor as you measure. If you want, you can add 3 to 4 inches to the neck measurement to check the minimum requirement for the length of the chain. Also, it is recommended to choose a standard length if the chain is modified. If you cannot customize the overall length of your neck size, it is always recommended to look for a second size from your neck area and measure it as a minimum necklace requirement.

  • Measure your height for choosing a length

For checking the length of the neck, your height can play a significant role in it as the height can change the position of a necklace around the neck area. An extended necklace can be overwhelming with short people; if you are around 5 feet or taller, then longer necklaces will be the best suit for your body.  For measuring height, you can easily use standard measurement tape along the side of your body. A perfect length will determine a perfect fit to the necklace into your neck, although it is one of the crucial parts before choosing a necklace.

  • Choose a size according to your body type

Difference necklace lengths are indeed accurate with different parts of our body, same as cloth. If you have a slight type of body, then picking up a thin or short necklace will be a great choice or if you are tall and have a fuller figure, then looking for a thicker and longer chain will enhance your body look and image. Many professional fashion influencers recommend looking for a necklace that can quickly draw everyone's attention like 20 to 22 inches necklaces are now very popular in the market and trend. So before you look up a chain to buy, you can first look at the body type which the necklace will be able to meet or not.

  • Always try to balance the length of the face

It has been seen that necklaces can make your face look much more comprehensive, narrower, shorter, or taller, depending upon the shape of your face. Many of the different necklace measurements and sizing can flatter the face shape and make it much better. Just like a choker length will help soften the angle of the chin area on the people who have heart-shaped faces. Also, it is always recommended that people with shorter faces avoid wearing short necklaces because short necklaces can make your face shop much rounder. If you have a naturally oval-shaped face, all chains can be equally fit into your face. So, identifying the shape is also an essential point before wearing any necklace.

  • Learn about various lengths according to gender

Generally, the standard length for various genders comes differently. Standard necklace sizes, which are specially designed for women, come in five different sizes: choker length, princess length, matinee length, mid-chest length, and if you want to have a necklace that can be around the bust, you can choose a 24-inch chain for your neck. And for men, the standard length sizes coke in four basic sizes such as 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, or 24 inches, depending upon the person's height. Always remember that necklaces for children have different standard sizes that vary from adult standards.

Other useful tips

Jewelry is always seen as attire that is defined by the occasion. As a general rule, the necklace always works with high neck clothes such as turtleneck sweaters. Also, it is essential to know that pendants add length to the necklace, which means that the pendants can affect the necklace's weight and height. It has been seen that heavily weighted pendants can pull the chain down, which will cause the chain to hang on the taunt around the neck area, so avoid choosing necklaces that have heavy pendants included. 

Final Words

Choosing a perfect necklace for your neck may be difficult for the first time, but the above points will help you get out of the problems that may occur while determining the right side of your neck for the necklace. When you go buying necklace jewelry, it is essential to talk about the quality and length of the necklace so that it can be easily modified or changed according to your needs in the future.

Moreover, professional necklace manufacturers in the market, like wholesale necklace, are highly specialized in providing quality necklaces to their customers with a total guarantee by top jewellery manufacturers in Australia . Furthermore, if you are looking forward to buying any of the chains, then first determine the body structure and shape of your face to suit your body perfectly.


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