Nifty Dress Ideas & Style Tips for Women’s Plus Size Beach Dresses

Summer might have just arrived at where you live and if it has, there’s always that unescapable urgent need to spend some time away from home to be soaking the sun and feeling the breeze.

Suppose you visit a beach, even if you don’t plan on taking a dive, there are plenty of things you can do to have fun at a beach.

From indulging in beach sports such as playing volleyball, surfing, speed rafting, and swimming, there are further many ways that can allow you to have a fabulous time at a beach which can also include simply sitting and chatting around a bonfire with your friends and family.

Though which type of attire to wear on such occasions is something that occurs naturally, having extra style tips couldn’t hurt and especially not when you’re in the market for plus size beach dresses for women.

For your convenience, we’ve got you covered with several ideas that you can use to look absolutely stunning in any normal or plus size beach dresses. You can give them all a quick glance to relieve yourself of the worry of what to wear.

The Best Normal & Plus Size Beach Outfits for Women

These dresses in the following combinations are quite well capable of making your beauty and curves resonate gracefully while also making you appear no less than a Celebrity Model having a chill but fun time at the beach. Let’s quickly see all the possible options so that you can look as unique as you might desire.

The Classic Cover-Ups

Classic Cover-Ups

Those of you who aren’t familiar with this piece of clothing, a Cover-Up is perhaps among the best plus size dresses for women. All the hype surrounding it is for a good reason because it allows plenty of flexibility as well as being super easy to wear and maintain.

Although ironing out a piece of fabric before wearing is a common rule, you could skip that when you wear these amazing cover-ups that also double up as summer dresses for any casual outing to cafes and restaurants.

A Tank Top with Printed Long Skirt

A Tank Top with Printed Long Skirt

If you seek to look stylish without sacrificing on comfort then you better get yourself a printed long maxi skirt in a lighter shade. While wearing a typical long maxi skirt in a darker shade might look good all the same, it will inevitably also absorb more heat aside also being possibly harder to match with cute tank tops.

Thus go with this combination during the summers and your visits to the beach for avoiding sun-tan lines on your legs and looking pleasantly attractive at the same time.

A Casual Dress

Now, you might wonder how a casual dress is at all unique among the plenty of plus size beach dresses for women but for a moment, hear us out. The casual dress with stripes or floral prints is ideally suited to women when they are confident with their curves.

It looks best when paired with summer hats and even more so when you wear a belt around your waist! Now, depending on the stripes or the prints, if they are intricate or somewhat wholesome, you should get a belt with a minimalist look whereas with a simple dress with simple or larger prints, go with a belt with bold buckle but a simpler pattern or shade.

Casual Dress


The Romper

The Romper

It isn’t necessary for this dress to be long or short which can be incredibly beneficial for you. Not only is it a typical summer dress for sunny weather and breezy evenings but wearing it on a beach or barbecue events will not get you any weird glances, trust us. Whether you wear them long or short, this dress will look incredibly trendy, appealing, and quite unique compared with the previously mentioned outfits.



A popular must-have plus size beach dress for women, the Kimono is traditionally perfect for both summer wear and beachside activity. Arguably, people also wear it in winters but those are relatively quieter than the popular ones that look fantastic when worn in summer with a top and denim pants. 

Okay, if you wouldn’t wear pants then you should certainly pair them with shorts and a top to look chic, happening, and to be the one who is aptly dressed in style. Since kimonos have lovely and vivid floral prints, make them compliment light shades of denim shorts with perhaps a hat again to add more marvel to your appearance.

The Chambray Dress

Chambray Dress

If appearing cute and sweet is your calling and desire then the Chambray dresses will do your justice alike no other dresses can. These can be easily found at nearby retailers and designer shops in a variety of sizes as well as colors and patterns too.

Do not forget to wear a dope shade of sunglasses and a handbag to elevate the oomph factor when you wear this for casual get-togethers or when you simply step out for a mini-vacation to the different beaches on a boat.



Jumpsuits are ardently the most wanted plus size beach outfits for women. They come in a plethora of varieties in terms of color and designs such as with different necklines, lengths, and more to accommodate the different body sizes and different styles.

They are good to be worn in summers as well as for making public appearances when you’re not wearing them for your peaceful or thrill-seeking visits to the beach. Try the different vivid colors and get more than one in different patterns to match them with different scarves & footwear styles.

The White Dress

White Dress

The classic summer wear collection is forever incomplete without the inclusion of a White Dress. Mind you, a white gown may not be too ideal for summers and thus a short white dress is one of the most beautiful outfits that you can wear in the near sweltering heat when visiting the beach or grabbing a quick bite around the city.

To look uber cool, you shouldn’t forget designer glasses as well as purses that are embroidered or have intricate designs on them when stepping out. Also, please wear pumps instead of typical heels with straps for looking extra gorgeous.

The Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress

Now, the plus size beach dresses for women category is duly incomplete without the inclusion of the famed maxi dresses. These are popularized for being the ideal holiday destination outfit that looks both elegant and classic when worn in the plain white color.

You could find printed ones too but they won’t match the class of a simple long white maxi that is paired with sandals and a clutch wallet. You can even wear different types of light jewelry to upgrade your overall appearance.

Plus SIzed Shirt

A fine pair of boots would well compliment your frame when you wear long shirts. Don’t forget to accessorize yourself when you’re wearing plain shirts instead of the striped or printed ones. Ideally, a button-up shirt can even be used to splendidly cover the swimsuit.

Thereby, making it one of the essentials to buy and carry whenever visiting the beach for both fun and chill or when seafaring on an exploratory boat ride. You could wear a mini skirt underneath them to add another layer of clothing if you’re on the ledge as to whether to wear them or not.



For anyone who is seeking plus size beach dresses for women, wearing a plus size tunic over a tee or directly over the cami is a sure way to make some heads turn when trotting the coastal sands or for simply heading out into the meadows in the summer.

Often considered a gypsy style of dressing, adding some accessories such as long earrings, some colored feathers in your hair or chains, and necklaces around the neck will bring the best of this outfit and you’ll certainly be unique than the rest of the ladies in the crowd.

Additional Tips for Normal & Plus Size Beach Outfits for Women

• Instead of buying brim hats, you could best a baseball cap to both shield your eyes from the direct sun and to look more trendy. 

• Swimwears are common but you can replace them with a plus-size printed tee and bikini bottoms along with sarong to look appealing.

• Always carry some kind of hat and a non-plush type wallet or handbag whenever visiting the beach or similar environment.

• A denim skirt will also add to the appearance of a one-piece suit so it’s no more an experiment than a functionally acceptable trend, do try it.

• Wearing scarves is common but it is more ideal when you wish to add a certain dash of color to your outfit without making that color highlight your appearance.

• Striped pants, rompers, jumpsuits of light color, and dark patterns will suit you better than the plain ones.

• You could wear high waist trousers in summers but do try them out for judging their comfort a day before you plan on wearing them during the whole journey.

• Any plus size beach outfit for women can be enhanced in appearance when you wear tribal or minimal accessories which could include earring, necklaces, bracelets, etc.


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