9 Trendy Hairstyles to Try in 2023

    The new year has just begun, and with it comes a whole lot of new opportunities. Trying a new hairstyle is a great way to start your year on the right foot. Changing up our hair color and cut from time to time can provide a renewed sense of motivation and just a fun change to prepare you for a whole new year ahead. 

    Trendy Hairstyles to Try

    These are some of the styles that experts say will be some of the most popular new haircuts in 2023. If you’re trying something really different from your usual style, be sure to use texture hair products and professional-quality tools to keep that stylish look in place long after you’ve left the salon.

    Short Hair Styles

    → 1. Blunt Bob

    The bob has long been a popular haircut that seems to go in and out of fashion in different eras. We’ve seen a slight comeback of the bob in 2022, but experts say that 2023 will be the year of the blunt bob. Whether you already have short hair or you have a longer cut, but you’re itching for something completely new, the blunt bob is a sleek, chic and stylish look that will have you turning heads. The blunt bob is defined by sharp, straight across cuts on the bottom, giving it a sharp look. It works best on naturally straight hair or hair that can easily be styled straight, but there are plenty of bob variations for different hair types.

    → 2. Short Bob

    If you're someone with wavy or curly hair and you’re looking for a new short style this season, the short bob is an excellent choice. This look also works great on naturally straight hair. The short bob tends to fall right at or just below your chin. It differs from the blunt bob in that the short bob does not need to have a straight cut on the bottom. The short bob can incorporate layers or a stacked look. 

    → 3. Curly Pixie Cut

    The pixie cut has long been a popular style, but the curly pixie cut is said to make a big splash in 2023. This cut is slightly longer than a traditional pixie, which is very close to the head. The additional length allows the curls to shine, but because curly hair shrinks up more when it's dry, it will still have that same pixie look. Use texture hair products to add volume and style.

    Medium Length Hairstyles

    Medium Length Hairstyles

    → 4. Midi Cut

    The midi cut gained traction in 2022 with trendy styles like the midi flick popularized on TikTok. This is a timeless hair length that falls to about your shoulders. The midi cut can be paired with layers or even angles, but it allows for many different styles and looks. It’s a great go-to if you want something simple but gorgeous. Set your look with a salon hairspray for an all-day hold.

    → 5. Long Bob

    In 2023, stylists say we’ll start to see more long bobs, which fall closer to a mid-length hairstyle. It has the shape of a traditional bob but falls past your chin and just above or right at shoulder length. If you’re looking for something really unique, pair the long bob with the sure-to-be-trendy shaggy bowl cut — a funky twist on the hairstyle that probably made you cringe a little as a kid. The shaggy bowl cut takes our idea of bowl cuts to a different level with cute rounded bangs and subtle, choppy layers that add movement and texture.

    → 6. Octopus Haircut

    You’re sure to see a lot more of this super chic style that takes a traditional shaggy cut and adds a bit of glamour. The octopus cut incorporates the layers and some choppy elements of a shaggy hairstyle with a more polished finish and wispy bangs to tie it all together.

    → 7. Wolf Cut

    The mullet is making a comeback. Well, sort of. The wolf cut is a cleaned-up, less garage-band version of a mullet. The wolf cut is all about volume on top with short, choppy layers blended with longer layers and a nod to the classic shaggy haircut. This is a unique look that we’ve already started seeing everywhere, and it works great for both straight and curly hair, adding movement and unique shape.

    Long Length Hairstyles

    Long Length Hairstyles

    → 8. Butterfly Cut

    If you’re looking for a new style this year but you don’t want to sacrifice length, the butterfly cut is the way to go. By incorporating long, feathery layers into the cut, you’re adding dimension and volume to your style. There are also so many ways to style the cut — from a big flared-out Farrah Fawcett look to textured, beachy curls.

    → 9. Long Shaggy Cut

    The shaggy cut is making a comeback in many different ways, but a long shaggy cut is a stylish, low-maintenance haircut that looks gorgeous on many hair types. Choppy short and long layers add dimension and work great with wavy or curly hair.

    Bring Your New Style into the New Year

    Change it up this year and try a different look! With so many unique and trendy hairstyles coming up in 2023, the options are limitless. These are some of the most popular hair trends we expect to see in the next year. Pick a style that works for your hair type, look and level of hair maintenance and then hit the salon!


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