Animal Jewelry - Which One Is Right For You ?


Are you an animal jewelry lover? Are you fascinated by the meaning these jewelry pieces hold? Are you confused about buying the right animal themed jewelry for you? Read out the blog to know more. 

Animal Jewelry is not new; it has been prevalent since prehistoric and Egyptian Civilizations when humans were more closer to animals than they are now. While animal-themed jewelry's form and designs have tremendously changed over the years, their significance is still the same. 

Animal Jewelry

In modern times, animal jewelry became a popular fashion trend post-mid-spring of 2013. Since then, it has just evolved and thrived to date. There is a wide range of animal-themed jewelry for fashionistas to choose from. But if you are somebody who is looking for animal jewelry to exhibit their personality or have some significance associated with, you have come to the right place.

In this blog, we have listed some popular types of animal jewelry and their meanings. 

Let’s get rolling. 

Animal Jewelry - What’s In Trend?

Animals are taking over every type of jewelry—earrings, rings, necklaces, and brooches. No matter what type of jewelry you prefer, there are certainly a lot of animal themed jewelry options waiting for you to try. 

While Owl jewelry is today a favorite jewelry genre, woodland creatures are becoming a new favorite among fashionistas. Sea creatures are also increasingly in demand as octopus jewelry, seahorse jewelry, starfish jewelry, etc. 

Deer, rabbits, mice, horses and foxes are adorable and friendly animals. These are taking the fashion world by storm with jewelry based on them. And how can we forget the next in the popular category - exotic animals and predators, including wolves, panthers, and snakes. All these are quickly becoming the most desirable animal jewelry. 

There is no limit when it comes to animal themed jewelry. Besides jewelry pieces designed on the images of animals, certain animal jewelry designs include animal bones also. Some other styles include the eyes or the coat or texture of the animal. These trends will appeal depending on the look you’re interested in. You can choose these options to complement your specific genres of fashion. Animal bones, for instance, will go perfectly with a gothic look. Similarly, a dazzling wrap-around snake necklace will add a dash of glamor to your black dress. 

Animal Jewelry - What’s Your Ideal Match? 

When you have a wide variety of options to choose from, making a decision gets difficult. But when you know the significance or meaning of something, it’s easier to identify your best match. 

When it comes to choosing the right animal jewelry, your knowledge of your own self and the significance of each animal makes your job easy.  

So here we have shared the significance of the most common animal jewelry to help you make the right decision.

Seahorse Jewelry

Seahorses are loved by many for their interesting qualities and peculiar body shape. This creature is intricate and diverse when it comes to its significance. From ancient Greeks to divers and Torres Strait Islanders, all of them associated a seahorse with power, protection, and a good luck charm. Seahorses also symbolize friendliness and calmness. 

Seahorse Jewelry

For those who are kind, contented, and affectionate, seahorse jewelry is the right option. Further, wearing a seahorse ring or bracelet would be significant if you want to carry your luck with you. 

Octopus Jewelry

Octopus themed jewelry is both intimidating and fascinating; The eight-tentacle creature is surprising in itself. This independent, wise and adaptable sea creature is fearless. Also, the octopus has an excellent nervous system and can lay up to 150 thousand eggs in its lifetime (female octopus).  

Octopus Jewelry

So, if you are an independent, courageous and strong-willed person, wearing an octopus ring or pendant will be best suited to your personality. Further, people who are flexible and adaptive can also choose to wear octopus jewelry. 

Fish, Frogs & Turtles

Fishes, frogs and turtles convey the notion of fertility and abundance. All these animals produce a significant amount of eggs. So, if you are about to become a mother or embracing motherhood, you can choose to wear fish or turtle jewelry. Also, by wearing fish jewelry, you can welcome abundance and good luck in your life. 

Fish, Frogs & Turtles Jewelry

Scorpions and Snakes

Representation of snakes in jewelry is related to regeneration, as they shed their skin, and keep evil at distance, as snakes are a dangerous creature. The same goes for scorpions. People used them to protect themselves and their houses against the evil eye and bad intentions in ancient times. 

Dolphin Jewelry

The most intelligent and graceful creatures, dolphins are even beautiful and friendly. Their playfulness, beauty, and artistic nature can make anyone fall for them.  

Dolphin Jewelry

In some religions, dolphins are considered a sign of prosperity, while Greeks consider them a symbol of affection and majesty. So, wearing dolphin jewelry will not just add to your look but will also depict your friendliness and playfulness. 


With the increasing demand for animal jewelry, there's an abundance of options available. You can visit a few and choose to buy animal jewelry online. We hope this blog will help you make the right selection for you. Good luck!! 


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