Japanese Girl Names With It's Meaning

Japan is a country known for natural beauty and their ancient culture.

We’ve prepared a list of Japanese girl names Along with their meanings those are in trend nowadays.  Here is a long list of Japanese girl names, please check it out.

Japanese Girl Names

Japanese Girl Names Starting With A

Akahana - This Name meaning is “bright red flower”.

Akina - Japanese name meaning is “spring flower”.

Akira - Name meaning is “intelligent”. 

Amaya - Meaning of this Japanese name is “night rain”. 

Ayaka - This Japanese name meaning is “a coloured flower”.

Aki  - Meaning of this Japanese name is “autumn, bright”.

Ami - Meaning of this Japanese name is “Asia beautiful”.

Aoi - This Japanese name meaning is “reliance on the cherry blossoms”.

Asa - Meaning of this Japanese name is “born in the morning”.

Akari - This Japanese name meaning is “red pear tree”.

Aya - This Japanese name meaning is “colourful”.

Aika - This cute Japanese girls name means “love song”.

Aimi This Japanese name meaning is “love, beauty”.

AinaThis Japanese name meaning is “beautiful eyed woman”.

Akemi - This Japanese name meaning is “bright beautiful”.

AnzuThis Japanese name meaning is “sweet child”.

AsamiThis Japanese name meaning is “morning beauty”.

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Japanese Girl Names Starting With C

Cho - This Japanese name meaning is “butterfly”.

Chika - This Japanese name meaning is “scattered flowers”.

Chie - This Japanese name meaning is “wisdom”.

Japanese Girl Names Starting With D

Danuja - This Japanese name meaning is “ruler”.

Dai - This Japanese name meaning is “to shine”.

Japanese Girl Names Starting With E

EmikaThis Japanese name meaning is “blessed beautiful child”.

EmikoThis Japanese Girls name meaning is “prosperous and beautiful child”.

Emi - This sweet Japanese girl name means “beautiful smile”.

Ena - This short Japanese girl name means “gift from God”.

Japanese Girl Names Starting With G

Gen  - This Japanese name meaning is “spring”.

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Japanese Girl Names Starting With H

Harumi This Japanese name meaning is “spring, beauty”.

Haru - This Japanese name meaning iss “light, spring”.

Hayami - This sweet Japanese girl name means “rare beauty”.

Hana - This Japanese name meaning is “flower”.

Hekima - This Japanese name meaning is “wisdom”.

Hiroko - This Japanese name meaning is “rich child”.

Hanako - This Japanese name meaning is “flower, blossom”.

Himari - Japanese name meaning is “home of light and love”.

Hina - This Japanese name meaning is “good vegetables”.

Hoshi - Japanese name meaning is “star”.

Japanese Girl Names Starting With I

Ishi - Japanese name meaning is “stone”.

Ichika - Japanese name meaning is “one thousand flowers”.

Ichika - This Japanese name meaning is “one summer”.

Izumi - This Japanese name meaning is “spring or fountain”.

Iwa - This Japanese name meaning is “rock”.

Japanese Girl Names Starting With J

Japana - This Japanese name meaning is “ambitious”.

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Japanese Girl Names Starting With K

Kamiko - This Japanese name meaning is “superior child”.

Kata - Sweet Japanese name meaning is “worthy”.

Katsu - lovely Japanese name meaning is “victorious”.

Keina - This Japanese name meaning is “prosperity”.

Kokoro - This Japanese name meaning is “soul”.

KatsumiThis Japanese name meaning is “victorious beauty”.

Kairy - This Japanese name meaning is “sea”.

Kameko - This Japanese name meaning is “tortoise child”.

Katana - Japanese girls name meaning “honourable”.

Kiaria - Japanese girls name meaning “fortunate”.

Koharu - Japanese girls name meaning “little sun”.

Kazue - Japanese girls name meaning “branch”.

Kosuke - Japanese girls name meaning “rising sun”.

Kozue - Japanese girls name meaning “tree”.

Kuma - This Japanese name meaning is “bear”.

KayoThis Japanese name meaning is “beautiful generation”.

KeonThis Japanese name meaning isg “pure beauty”.

Kohanna - This Japanese name meaning is “little flower”.

Kairi - This Japanese name meaning is “ocean village”.

Kaori - This Japanese name meaning is “the rope of the bird snares”.

Kazumi - This Japanese name meaning is “beautiful harmony”.

Keomi - This Japanese name meaning is “smiling”.

Kiki - This Japanese name meaning is “double happiness”.

Kimi - This Japanese name meaning is “righteous or beautiful story”.

Kishi - This Japanese name meaning is “happy and long life”.

KirikaJapanese girls name meaning “natural beauty”.

KumiJapanese girls name meaning “forever beautiful”.

Kumiko Japanese girls name meaning “forever beautiful”.

Kei - Japanese girl name meaning “blessing”.

Kin - Japanese girl name meaning “golden”.

Ko - Japanese girl name meaning “baby”.

Japanese Girl Names Starting With M

MakairaThis Japanese name meaning is “one who brings happiness”.

Mamiko - This Japanese name meaning is “daughter of the sea”.

Miku - This Japanese name meaning is “beautiful sky”.

Mitsuki - This Japanese name meaning is “beautiful moon”.

Miyuki - This Japanese name meaning is “snow”.

Momo - This Japanese name meaning is “peach”.

Michi - This Japanese name meaning is “the upright path”.

Mirai - This Japanese name meaning is “future”.

Morie - This Japanese name meaning is “beach or bay”.

Morika - This Japanese name meaning is “a fragrance of the forest”.

Mami This Japanese name meaning is “true beauty”.

ManaThis Japanese name meaning is “affection”.

Manami - Japanese girl name meaning “beautiful love”.

MasamiJapanese girl name meaning “one who will become beautiful”.

Masumi - Japanese girl name meaning “a woman of true purity and beautiful”.

MayumiJapanese girl name meaning “true gentle beauty”.

MegumiJapanese girl name meaning “blessing or love”.

MisaJapanese girl name meaning “beautiful bloom”.

MiyokoJapanese girl name meaning “beautiful child of the generations”.

MiyuJapanese girl name meaning “beautiful moon or beautiful kindness”.

Mai - Japanese girl name meaning “coyote”.

Mio - Japanese girl name meaning “beautiful cherry blossom”.

Miki - Japanese girl name meaning “flower stem”.

Misaki - Japanese girl name meaning “beautiful blossom”.

Momoka - Japanese girl name meaning “hundreds of flowers”.

Minori - Japanese girl name meaning “Love of the full moon or full of love”.

Japanese Girl Names Starting With N

Nori - This Japanese name meaning is “belief”.

Niko - This Japanese name meaning is “two lakes”.

Nozomi - This Japanese name meaning is “hopeful truth or hopeful heart”.

Namika - This Japanese name meaning is “flower of the wave”.

Nara - This Japanese name meaning is “flower from heaven”.

Natsumi - This Japanese name meaning is “summer beauty”.

Nanami - This Japanese name meaning is “seven seas”.

Noa - This Japanese name meaning is “love and affection”.

Japanese Girl Names Starting With O

Oki - Japanese girl name meaning “the champion in all fields, a master”.

Okimi - This Japanese girl name meaning is “bright shining light”.

OhtaThis Japanese girl name meaning is “pure”.

Japanese Girl Names Starting With R

Rai - This Japanese girl name meaning is “gratitude”.

Ren - This Japanese girl name meaning is “lotus” 

Rini -This Japanese girl name meaning is “one who is like a little sweet bunny”.

Ruri - Japanese girl name meaning “emerald”.

Rio - Japanese girl name meaning “cherry blossom”.

Risa - This Japanese girl baby name meaning is “growing flowers at home”.

Japanese Girl Names Starting With S

Sayuri - This Japanese girl name meaning is “a flower”.

Sumire - This traditional Japanese girl name meaning is “lovely violet”.

Suki - This Japanese girl name meaning, “loved one”.

SumikoJapanese girl name meaning “she is a beautiful child of goodness”.

Sora - Japanese girl name meaning “she is like the sky”.

Sakura - This Japanese girls name meaning is “cherry blossom”.

Sara - This Japanese girls name meaning is “vivid blossom”.

Seina - This Japanese girls name meaning is “rising star”.

Japanese Girl Names Starting With T

Takara - This Japanese girls name meaning is “treasure”.

Taya - This Japanese girls name meaning is “young”.

Taki - This Japanese girls name meaning is “waterfall”.

TamikaThis Japanese girls name meaning is “a child of great beauty”.

Tori - This cute Japanese girls name meaning is “bird” is a variation of the English name Victoria.

Japanese Girl Names Starting With U

Umi - Japanese girls name meaning is “ocean”.

Japanese Girl Names Starting With Y

Yuri - Japanese girls name meaning is “lily flower”.

Yuuka - Japanese girls name meaning is “excellent flower”.

Youko - Japanese girls name meaning is “sunshine”.

YoshikoJapanese girls name meaning is “beautiful child”.

YoukoJapanese girls name meaning is “sunshine child or beautiful child”.

Yoshi -  Japanese girls name meaning is “good or respectful”.

Yua - Japanese girls name meaning is “binding love and affection”.

Yui - Japanese girls name meaning is “love, gentleness”.

Japanese Girl Names Starting With Z

Zen - Japanese girls name meaning is “peace” 


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