Beautiful and Easy Mehndi designs

Here are the few easy mehandi designs for beginners. The first thing that strikes your mind is how to start? Initially, start with simple designs like leaves and flowers. Handling a cone is also an art. Practice the design on a glass sheet or paper with a pen so you can be well versed in designs so that you can easily handle it on the cone. In the beginning, make patterns like leaves, flowers, circles, boxes and bug outlines. When you draw simple designs easily, and then start drawing some significant designs. Nowadays, Mehandi designs are changing as per events. In marriage events, they were drawing a bride and groom in mehandi design.

Mehndi Designs

Step by step tutorial

Here are the steps for mehandi patterns: 

1. Start with drawing a circle. Now fill the parallel lines. 

2. Make a bigger concentric circle surrounding the previous one with the henna dots. Now fill the inner circle with parallel lines. 

3. Again repeat the last step now you caught a big circular motif in the middle of your palm. 

4. Add a small flower and leaves designs on the corners and at last draw some dots to finish the design.

5. To the extent a design draws a mango design and fills it with bug outlines. 

Types of mehandi designs:

Tikki mehandi design

Tikki mehandi design

Tikki is one of the most radiant designs that every girl loves. These Tikki mehandi styles make hands attractive and charming. Pakistan girls widely used after it gained popularity. All other western countries used it. You can also make it bigger for your hands. This design comes with a combination of flowers and bold lines to give a proper form of design.


Elementary mehandi designs


Elementary mehandi designs

It is a fair and straight forward mehandi pattern, and you can apply this pattern for any formal and casual events. In this henna style, smooth leaves and flowers are the delicate styles. For starters, they can easily create by themselves. This pattern follows Moroccan patterns, it was applied to the backside of the hand with borders, and it was filled with dots and boxes which looked unique and outstanding.

Endearing Arabic designs

Endearing Arabic designs

The latest Arabic design starts from the index finger ends at the beginning of the wrist with the dazzling flower at the centre. It does not cover your whole hand and pulls out free space for superior designs, and you may continue to draw a ring pattern and end it. Most brides love to carry this design for their wedding events. It may extend with dots and motifs as per your creativity.

Chic henna patterns 

Chic henna patterns

Most teens and kids liked this pattern because of its simplicity and elegance of the design. This design is most beautiful, mainly for kids. It gives a stunning look to the hands. This design started at the nail edges and surrounded by nails and not to be continued to the fingers and adjoin to the palm and to be continued. Palm design may vary as per the kids chosen to draw vibrant designs.     


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