What are the Difference Between Outlet and Store

Oniomania is one of the social addiction to shopping. We are surrounded by lots of advertisements telling us buying makes us happy. Consumerism became a measure of social worth. Shopping for a need and shopping for desires play a role in our monthly budget. We all commonly come across outlets and stores while shopping.

Outlet Vs Store

What is an outlet?

An outlet is a store where manufactures and the public involve directly. Middlemen are not in outlets. Outlets are a shop where they sell products from a particular manufacturer. Shopping becomes more comfortable when you directly get products from the manufacturer. In this kind of store, we enjoy less price when compared to stores. Outlets are located in malls. These are mainly classified into Factory outlet and outlet store.

Factory outlet

Factory outlets only sell products of only one brand. They are manufacturers themselves where they only stock one brand item. They can sell the product at high discounts as there are no interchanges.

Outlet store

Outlet stores are those where they sell different branded products. Many of the malls and retail markets are designed for outlet stores. Where the human mindset always prefers choices. Outlet stores consist of similar products of different brands.

What is a store?

The store is described as shops they are classified based on the merchandise they sell. Some sell only one type of products whereas many shops around us sell different products. Few stores sell one merchandise like a jewelry store, Liquor store, Drug store, clothing store, and book store. Hardware stores where they sell equipment and tools and grocery stores where they sell food things need for homes.

Department stores and Convenience stores are shops where they sell a chain of products. They sell all the things need for the home they may be based on various brands and various products. Nowadays everywhere you can see a department store where all basic and passion-related needs are available.

The major difference between store and outlets


The major difference lies in the function they work. Outlet stores are mainly related to one-stop shopping and allow shoppers to enjoy lowest and discount sale whereas Retail shops sell quality products and customer service play an important role. They sell products at a retail price based on profit.


Most outlet products sell branded and quality products. We all shop in malls where the products are at a reasonable cost and high-quality products. They sell products that are unique in the market. Retail stores sell products that common brands and mixing of old and new goods occur in the retail shop due to overstocking.


Retail shops are located in highly populated areas can be a big town or Bazar. When you plan for a shop you all start with the best location which suits the shop and customers available to buy those products. But outlet stores work majorly on branded products and they sell particular commodities so they are located outside the city.

Bottom words

Nowadays shopping became an existing option to spend free time. Window shopping has been favorite for many of us. Purchasing the product as per need and checking it carefully before buying it values money and purchasing as per need works smart than overstocking.

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