How to Pick Comfortable High Heels

You have your eye on a really nice-looking pair of high heel, but you’re not sure that they will fit your feet. Picking comfortable high heels doesn’t have to be difficult. Just follow these steps. 

High Heels

Look at the Heel Cup

This is one of the major causes of foot blisters when it comes to wearing high heels. Typically, there is a stiffening agent in the heel area - that way it keeps its shape while you wear it. That’s good for the shoe … but not so good for your foot. 

When you are walking while pressed against this stiff heel area, it’s going to create friction, which can then lead to blisters. Look for shoes that are made of leather or suede. The other synthetic types are stiffer. 

Get The Thumbs Up

You don’t want to get shoes that are too small for your feet. It doesn’t matter how cute they look. The regret later is not worth it, we promise. 

Instead, check to see if there is space from the end to your front toe. It should be about the thickness of your thumb. That way, there is some wiggle space and your toes won’t be crushed while you wear them. 

Be Sure To Test Them Out

There are some things that you can buy with certainty without even testing them out. High heels are not one of those. It would be foolish to just grab a box and head to the register without testing them out. 

Put them on and see how they feel when you walk around. Are you going to be wincing within a few minutes of walking around in them? Go find another pair that will not give you that problem. 

Go Shoe Shopping Later in the Day

This is one time where the early bird shouldn’t get the worm. Your feet will be at its most swollen in the morning, which can throw off measurements. You don’t want to get shoes that are too big. 

So go shoe shopping after work. By then they will be at their normal size and you can get a better idea of what will fit. 

These are just some things to keep in mind when you are shopping for high heels. If you follow the above steps, you should be able to get ones that fit perfectly. Then you can go out and just enjoy wearing them without worrying about your feet hurting. 

Author bio-

Dr. Taryn Rose is an orthopedic surgeon turned shoe designer focused on technical innovations to improve how we live. After selling her namesake company in 2008 she came out of retirement to team up with her partner, Enrico Cuini. Together they have built a first in kind shoe company making made to measure sexy high heels for smart women who set their goals high and wear their heels even higher.


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