10 Ways to Know What Engagement Ring Your Partner Wants

You’re ready to get to the next exciting step in your relationship. Before you start your engagement journey, you need to figure out what ring your partner wants. If you’re not sure what kind of engagement to get them, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to figure out what kind of ring to get your partner. Here are 10 ways to know what engagement ring your partner wants.

Engagement Ring For Partner

1. What to Consider for the Engagement RingThere are some basic details to consider when choosing engagement rings for your partner. You’ll want to think about the center stone and decide if you’re going to get them a traditional diamond or go for an alternative gemstone like a ruby or sapphire. You’ll want to pick a metal type like classic gold or flashy platinum. If you do decide on a diamond as the center stone, you’ll also need to pick the way the diamond is cut, like the popular round cut or a chic marquise cut.

2. Know Their Style — What kind of style does your partner have? Are they classic and timeless and would prefer a traditional ring? Are they unique and flashy and would want a ring that is as unique as they are? Knowing their style of clothing or what kind of fashion they gravitate towards will help you pick out a ring that matches their taste.

3. Think About Their Personality — Likewise, you’ll also want to think about their personality. If they’re the kind of person who is private and prefers intimate connections, they’ll want a ring that’s more understated. If they’re social butterflies who would most definitely show off their ring on social media, they might want that extra flashy diamond ring to share with all of their friends and family.

Engagement Ring For Partner

4. Ask Their Loved Ones — You don’t have to figure out what kind of ring your partner wants all on your own. Ask their loved ones for help. Your partner’s best friend is a great person to help guide you on the kind of ring they’d want. If you and your partner are more traditional, you may want to ask your partner’s parents not only for your partner’s hand in marriage, but for advice on what kind of ring to get them. 

5. Look at Their Social Media — If you want to keep the search on the down low, take a look at your partner’s social media. They may have boards on Pinterest dedicated to what kind of jewelry they like or their dream wedding ring. Perhaps your partner follows certain wedding or jewelry accounts on Facebook or Instagram. Do some internet sleuthing to see what their engagement ring style may be.

6. Browse Their Other Jewelry — When they’re not looking, take a look at their current jewelry pieces. Do they have classic jewelry pieces like silver, gold and pearls? Is their jewelry more contemporary and trendy? Do they not really wear jewelry and have more of a minimalist look? Their current jewelry, or lack thereof, can give you insight into what their engagement ring will look like.

7. What Celebs Inspire Them? — Find out what celebrities inspire your partner. Perhaps they’ve been eyeing an engagement ring that one of their favorite celebrities is wearing. After all, who hasn’t gasped when they saw Cardi B’s enviable halo ring? While you may not be able to foot the bill for that extra large diamond like a celebrity can, you can still get inspired by the shape and overall aesthetic of that celebrity’s coveted ring.

Engagement Ring For Partner

8. Pass by the Jewelry Store — Take a trip to the mall together. Keep it casual and act like you’re just browsing. They might see through this laidback act, but maybe they’ll play along with the surprise proposal you’re trying to put together. Pass by the jewelry store and look at the window. Look briefly at your partner and see if their eyes get stuck on any particular engagement ring. Maybe they’ll drop hints about what kind of ring they want. According to WeddingWire, 80 percent of proposees drop hints about their engagement ring preference, so chances are your partner will drop hints about the engagement ring they want, too.

9. Drop Hints — You don’t just have to drop hints at the jewelry store when looking at diamond engagement rings. You can drop hints that you’re going to propose from the comfort of your home. You can tell their best friend to start planting the seed and fish for ideas for what kind of ring your partner would want. Get your future in-laws involved in the process and see what kind of ring your partner is hoping for.

10. Just Ask Them — If you don’t feel comfortable doing all this snooping and sleuthing behind your partner’s back, just ask your partner directly. You can ask them in advance of your proposal. You can ask them once you propose and then make a promise to go ring shopping together. Ultimately, you’ll do whatever is best for you and your partner.


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