How To Make A Surprise For Your Parents' Anniversary?

Here comes the day your parents got married! Just like birthdays; anniversaries mean so much to people. Marriage is a significant milestone of a lifetime and transforms everything. A day celebrating this milestone is as special as the milestone itself! Celebrating the years-long journey of two people who have lived as one must be grand. Your parents have ensured you have a wonderful life; you owe it to them to make their special day memorable! So how about planning a surprise for them? 

Surprise For Your Parents' Anniversary

Yes, surprises are loved worldwide! No matter how small or grand the surprise is, if we receive something pleasant and desirable unexpectedly; the happiness derived is unmatched! So why not surprise your parents with something on their anniversary

Here are 7 ideas that might help you pull up a wondrous day for your parents-

1] Video greeting 

If you are running low on budget, a video gift is the most heart-warming surprise you could gift your parents with. Video greetings are a virtual treat! Gather photographs and videos of your parents from youth till now; include the good and the bad times. You can also ask your near and dear ones to furnish a video talking about your parents as a couple and as people in their lives. Relatives might have really interesting stories about your parents; which will give them a good laugh and joyful tears when watching. Collating a video might be difficult. Even if you do manage to put it together, it might lose professionality. This is where video-making tools can make things easier for you. These tools can help you fabricate the most impeccable video; exactly as you desire. 

2] Arrange a romantic dinner

Most couples seldom get a private and romantic time when children are born. Intimate times are lost with increasing responsibilities that life poses. Hence, presenting your parents with something that will reignite their youthful days is definitely a stunning idea! Dinners have been a classic date form since ages.  

romantic dinner

Arrange a romantic dinner for your parents. You could book them a luxury car that picks and drops, choose a high-end restaurant or a restaurant that was their go-to place in the past. You could also set up a theme dinner for them under the stars by setting up fairy lights, scented candles, and a cosy and romantic ambience. Play a private movie or a movie they cherish and add glasses of champagne! In their hectic life, there is no better way to give your parents the much-needed time to spend together.

3] Vacation tickets

Another way to have your parents rekindle their passion and fondness is to book them tickets for a couple vacation! Choose classic romantic destinations like Maldives, Bali, and Kashmir or go for a place your parents always dreamt to go to! Plan a fancy itinerary that includes romantic dinners, couple massages, and couple rides and choose a romantic stay. Make sure everything you include on the travel checklist fits their likes and the trip isn’t made tedious for them. Let them have more leisure time than travelling around. This will definitely stun them and make them happy!

4] Throw them a party

Throw them a party

If your parents are people-persons, they will love a grand party! Get in touch with all the people who are close to your parents and invite them over. You can also collectively plan a party for your parents by taking suggestions from your invitees. Choose the cuisine your parents like and decide on a menu accordingly, decorate your place, order a scrumptious cake, and get the party started! You can also add on the music of your parents’ choice, choose a theme for the party, have a dance floor and so on to make their special day unforgettable.

5] Treasure hunt 

This is another fabulous low-budget idea for your parents if they love being young and crazy! Set up a treasure hunt for them! You could keep as many gifts as the years of marriage and guide them to reach the presents through clues. It will pump them up and give you all a good deal of laughter! 

6] Keep it simple

If you want to surprise your parents, there are so many options that you can explore. Many children that stay in different cities or countries and cannot make it home for their anniversary use platforms like BloomingBox to get their parents amazing gifts. You can choose between flowers, cakes, chocolates, plants, hampers, and so much more. Send it to them when they are least expecting it. Try to play the card that you forgot all about their anniversary!

7] Create a personalized gift

There is nothing more precious than a self-made gift. No matter how modern we get, we will always love a present someone has put effort into. You can gather photos of your parents and create a booklet, write them poetry, create a hamper of happiness and so on. 

personalized gift

Plan the surprise such that they will have enough time to have their private moments and rejoice their years of togetherness. You know your parents the best; therefore, plan adhering to their interests and give them a day they can cherish for a lifetime!


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