More than Just Love: 3 Priceless Fruits of A REAL God-Centered Marriage

Marriage is the sacred union of a man and a woman, in front of God, who is the Author of the greatest love of all. It is the gateway to a momentous chapter in the life of two individuals who have committed to a loving and loyal relationship with each other, as unmarried lovers before and this time, as lifetime partners as they speak their wedding vows. 


But marriage does not start and end together with the wedding ceremony’s schedules. It continues ‘til death do you and your husband or wife part, like what your oaths say. That’s what married life really is, thus it surely is a commitment of forever. 

Everyone knows that married life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. Just like in any relationship, sometimes, you argue, fight and become sad and angry; it’s not always fun, excitement and bliss. You’re not always agreeing with each other, especially when your differences clash, and your emotions get ahead of you. Of course, you’re humans, and you’re not perfect. What’s more, no relationship is perfect. 

Nevertheless, remember that there is a perfect Savior who has written your love story so you meet and fall in love with each other to form a beautiful life together and with a family now or soon. God is with you to keep your relationship strong and healthy through everything life has to bring. And that’s most possible if you let Him take over and be the centrality of your life as individuals and as partners. 

Some couples love to use the quote or caption that says God is at the center of their relationship, yet sadly, they simply use it and don’t apply or stand by it. That’s just sad because when you say that, you need to hold onto it and live by it because relationships are supposed to be more than just love. Firstly and lastly, it should be about God. What do you gain from that? A lot. Here are 3 priceless fruits of a REAL God-centered marriage. Emphasis on ‘real’ because it’s not just any saying that you should fake out.    

1 - You love each other with the kind of love that aligns with God’s will.


love each other

There are different kinds of love, but not all of them are right with God. Some are only right in the eyes of men (people in general), while some have been tagged right because of society. Some have various definitions of love and manifold ways they express it, yet not all of these result in the best things. 

There are people who love extremely, extravagantly, excessively, to the point that sometimes, it’s not right anymore. This makes the relationship either a suffocation or an epitome of martyrdom. It doesn’t look and feel love anymore.  

Some people love and protect their partners so much that they tend to misjudge the people close to them, always assuming they have affairs with them. If you’re like this, you’re hindering your significant other from maintaining and building his/her good social circles, which are important to all humans. Sincere freedom and peace of mind are held back because of that. Too much control over one or each other, which is said to be ‘because of love’, is unhealthy and dangerous for couples. 

On the other hand, some people love their better half so much that they just let them do what they do, even if they’re wrong. This is when you’re always being understanding, patient and forgiving with everything they do, yet you silently cry when you’re alone because you’re hurt. Sometimes, you cover up their misdeeds and claim them as yours. You suffer, but you just hold the pain in, which you say is ‘because of love’. 

Keep God at the center of your relationship, and you will learn how to love and how to be loved with a kind of love that aligns with God’s will. You will know that there is always a balance, some statutes and some restrictions when loving a human like you. God doesn’t permit wrongdoings that people deem to be fruits of their love. Give them the best love you can, but be sure you love yourself first. Love them all you can, but love God first and above all.      

2 – You are relieved that you have a partner in faith as you overcome trials you face.


partner in faith

The married life is colorful. While the instant idea that anyone thinks about is that it’s always vibrant and gleeful, that’s not the case. It’s colorful in such a way that there are bright days, but there are also dark days. 

That means there are trials, tests and problems that every couple meets along the way. As you know, these hurdles are part of relationships, and they fortify them even more. They are back-breaking and heart-breaking, but only when couples succeed to surpass them successfully can these obstacles make them stronger than ever before.

You and your other half are only humans, and you don’t have supernatural powers. There are times when one or both of you are so overwhelmed by emotions brought by the circumstances that stretch you. Sometimes, you feel like giving up, and the family, including the marriage, gets affected. In some families, they even use their lawyers against each other. Their disputes cause them to harm and hurt their loved one.

This proves that you need God in the middle of your relationship because as human beings, you’re limited. There are more things out of your control than within it. With God guiding and carrying you all the way, you will triumph. 

When you trust Him together, you will be victorious together. When your marriage is founded in God, you will be thankful and relieved that you have a partner in faith as you overcome trials you face. You have an encourager, a reminder, a prayer warrior. Though life gets difficult, it becomes bearable, and you see the light at the end of the tunnel, when your relationship is rooted in Jesus.   

3 - You are guided on how to become the best parents for your future kids.


become the parents

Entering marriage is also a chapter that opens to the world of parenting. As you are lovebirds that dream of building your own gorgeous family without the most adorable kiddos, you need God’s blessing and stewardship. It’s an accountability that never ends, even when your youngsters grow up.

With Jesus in the midst of your marriage, you are guided on how to become the best parents for your future kids. Yes, the best – that’s the goal. 

There are parents who are irresponsible, who set aside their duties and who choose something else over their children. It’s unbelievable, but it happens too. And that’s what you should never ever be. That’s not what God wants parents to be. 

When you and your husband/wife yourselves are established in faith to God, it’s not at all impossible or hard for you to let your kids grow in faith to Him as well. You will and must pass on that faithful service life to your children. It’s the parents’ sacred assignment to bring their children to God. The Bible says in Ephesians 6:4, “Nurture them in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.” There is a wrong way of parenting, and that’s obviously not the way of the Lord, because the right and best way is His!

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Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way that he should go, and when he is old, he shall not depart from it.” How you rear, look after and educate your children will be reflected by the persons that they will grow up to be. If God is your Teacher, you will become good teachers to your children as well.  



God is love. He makes all things beautiful in His time. Thanks to Him, you and your dearest person have met and loved each other at the perfect moment He allowed. Well, if you haven’t met each other yet by the time you are reading this, then soon, you will, and you will feel like you’re the happiest people in the world. 

So do not ever forget that in whatever you do, do it all for the glory of the Lord. Even when you love, love with the love that God has blessed you with. Be a man and a woman in love with each other while in love with your Creator on top of everything else. Keep Him at the center of your singularity and of your connection. Don’t set Him aside. Don’t bring Him to the picture only when things get rough and rocky. Honor Him, and value Him all the days of your life as individuals and as a couple who He has meant to be together forever.  


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nicole Ann Pore, a content writer from the Philippines,  is the author of this article.

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