9 Best Gifts For Men's Return To Office In 2022

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic is starting to lift and more people are getting vaccinated, more places are becoming more accessible to the public. Amusement parks, hotels, restaurants, and more establishments are starting to open again. One of these places includes offices as workers are going to return to their workplace soon. 

To celebrate this special and exciting event, it’s a good idea to get the men in your life a gift to fire them up for work. Although, looking for the best gifts for men might be a little difficult since there are so many options to choose from. Moreover, each person is different which means their tastes can vary, and this can pose a challenge when choosing a gift. 

For a quick and easy fix, here are some of the best gifts you can get for the working man in your life. 

1. Give A Personalized Briefcase

For men who are professionally minded and care about their appearance, consider buying them a custom leather briefcase to add to their daily wardrobe. These bags can be engraved with a personalized message or just their initials, and they help to add a personal touch to a high-value gift that they're going to use every day.

Custom leather briefcase from Von Baer

Aside from being useful, it’s also a great way to look put together every time they step into the office. This means you can get the perfect design and look that would be perfect for their fashion sense and how they work. For instance, a briefcase would be a practical back-to-the-office gift if they bring a laptop to work. 

2. Look For High-Quality Earphones

When it comes to working, there will be a lot of calls online or on the phone. This is why high-quality earphones will be a fantastic gift. Ones that are noise canceling and that sound great will be something they can use every day. Moreover, some noises could distract them while working, so a pair of noise-canceling headphones would help them focus on their tasks. 

3. Start With A New Signature Scent

Now that more countries are allowing people to go maskless in certain areas, a signature scent would be a perfect gift. You could start with several sample sizes and then get them the full bottle when they figure out which one is their favorite. This way, they can smell great on the way to the office until they come back home. 

4. Hand Out A Grooming Kit

Men will also have to groom themselves more regularly so they can look clean and polished every time they work. You could even give your boyfriend, dad, brother, and friend a grooming kit to make sure they look handsome and neat. Here are some of the things you could include in the grooming gift kit. 

Electric trimmer

Manicure set


Hair Gel

Oral hygiene paraphernalia

5. Add Something New For Them To Wear

Dressing smart, wearing accessories such as a necklace, picking out a good tie, and more will be part of their everyday ritual when getting ready for work. 

During days when they had to do most of their work at home on their computer, it was acceptable to work in pajamas. This was completely understandable since no one will be able to see them unless there’s a video conference meeting. In this case, they might just do their face, and dress up the upper half of their body.

However, when they start to work in an office, looking unprofessional isn’t the way to go. There are certain settings when your work and reliability can be affected by how you look. For example, if they work in an insurance company, it’s hard to look like they can be trusted if they don’t dress properly or accordingly. Hence, you could opt to buy them a simple ready-to-wear outfit for their first day back at the office or any clothing apparel to add to their work outfit.

6. Pick Out Some Food Delivery Or Restaurant Gift Cards

Lunchbreak is something many office workers look forward to because it gives them time to rest, eat, and talk casually with their co-workers. However, it can also be frustrating to pick a place to eat or decide what to eat. To make it easier on them, you could buy them several lunch gifts cards to make sure they eat well every break time. It also relieves them from the mental stress of thinking about which restaurant to go to or what to have for lunch. 

7. Get Them A Mug Heating Pad

Another gift you could get is a mug heating pad since a hot beverage will be helpful while working. This could also be used for coffee, tea, or soup. Moreover, anyone can easily get engrossed with work and forget about their drink. By the time they take a sip out of it, it’s completely cold. To make sure they never have to deal with a cold drink, a mug heating pad would be extremely useful.  

8. Keep Them Safe With A Disinfecting Wand

Even if the COVID-19 pandemic is letting up, it’s still important to be careful so you don’t spread the virus. To make sure that you don’t get sick from it, a disinfecting wand would be a suitable gift. Technically, this is an ultra-violet wand you can wave over an object such as your smartphone to kill viruses by exposing them to radiation.

This way, your man can be safe and healthy, as they feel great and energetic for work. At the same time, you can be sure that they can reduce the risk of taking home the virus if they use the wand carefully and regularly. 

9. Help Them Stay Organized With A Charging Dock

With so many electronics and gadgets used in the workplace, it can be stressful for them to manage it all. This is especially true when charging devices. Think about how many wires and chargers they’ll have to bring with them to work as it can take up a lot of space and can be hard to organize. To make things easier for them, a charging dock would be useful and also a space saver. Some even come with compartments to help sort their gadgets as they charge. 


As more workplaces are opening their office, a lot of people are getting ready for a new working environment. While it isn’t going to be the same as it was pre-pandemic, it’s still exciting to see possible changes in every workplace. To help them adjust and celebrate getting back to the office, giving them a gift can make the moment more special. Either way, the thought and care you put into the gift are what truly matters.  


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