10 Wedding Photo Ideas You Need to Try

Your wedding photos are an essential part of your wedding day, so coming up with photo ideas should be top of mind before your wedding day. Once your big day has passed, your wedding photos will preserve the occasion and allow you to cherish it forever.

But before you start thinking about all the beautiful photos you'd love to capture, you'll need to hire a professional wedding photographer who has professional photography equipment like a photography lighting kit, lenses, filters, and so on. Once you hire one, you'll need to provide them with photo ideas you'd love to see in your wedding album. To help you create a checklist of you might want to take, here's a list of ten wedding photo ideas you need to try.

Wedding Photo Ideas

1. The Getting Ready Shots

Great wedding photos tell a story, and all great stories have a beginning and an end. Taking pictures of events that happen behind the scenes before you walk down the aisle can build suspense as you flip through your wedding album after your big day. Invite your wedding photographer to take photos as you get your makeup done, put on your jewelry, and get dressed.

2. A Close-Up of the Wedding Shoes

Your wedding dress will undoubtedly take the spotlight on your wedding day. But if you've splurged on a gorgeous pair of wedding shoes, you may want to take a picture of them.

3. The Bridal Bouquet

You spent plenty of time picking your wedding flowers, so don't forget to capture them. Ask your photographer to get pictures of your bridal bouquet in various locations or take shots while holding it.

4. The Bridal Portrait

Once you're dressed, and your makeup is done, it's your time to take the spotlight and flaunt your dress. Ensure your photographer takes several pics showcasing your dress from every angle. Also, don't forget to take a close-up of your makeup before tears of joy ruin it.

5. The Groom

It's your big day, but don't forget it's your groom's big day too! Ensure your photographer takes photos of your other half getting ready. Once your groom is dressed, confirm your photographer snaps several pics of him looking dapper in his outfit. If you have one photographer, plan the timings before your big day so that your photographer doesn't miss essential shots of either of you.

6. The Ceremony Room

Decorators spent lots of time decorating your ceremony room. So, before the ceremony begins, ask your photographer to capture pictures of it in all its splendor.

7. An Overhead Shot of the Venue

Does your photographer offer drone photography? If yes, ask them to take drone shots of the venue before the ceremony. But before you do this, inquire whether drone photography is permitted at the venue.

8. Walk Down the Aisle

The walk down the aisle is a timeless must-have photo in your wedding album. Whether you choose to walk down the aisle with a parent, both parents, or on your own, it's a moment you'll treasure for a lifetime, so don't forget to capture it.

9. The Ring Exchange

The ring exchange is another timeless memory you should capture. Ensure your photographer takes photos of the ring exchange from different angles.

10. The First Kiss

It's unlikely you'll forget this one. But before your photographer takes the picture, ask your officiant to step out of the shot.

Memories may fade with time, but photos are eternal. Use these ten wedding photo ideas to make your wedding day a day to remember. Also, consider working with a professional wedding planner like Wedgewood Weddings for a stress-free wedding experience.

The Final Takeaway

In some decades down the line, your wedding photos will be your most prized possessions without doubt. Make sure that you are paying attention to not only the initial set-up and clicks, but also to the process of wedding photos retouching and editing. This will ensure that they come out in the way that you had expected them to be.

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