Winter Clothes Can Only be Worn For a Lifetime

 My biggest annoyance is moldy fur. My friends in the South must have a deep understanding of this. The house I used to live in was very damp on the first floor, and several leather garments were already moldy when they were taken out.

Winter clothes are not changed faster than summer clothes. Coats, leather coats, and down jackets are all items that can be worn for years or even a lifetime by buying one. I bought it with such a good wish, if I could not wear it because of improper preservation or cleaning. It hurts to think about it~

So, today we are not talking about buying, buying, buying, let’s talk about the topic of clothing care.

(Regular statement: All recommendations in this article do not contain any form of commercial implantation)

How to wash cashmere so that it does not shrink easily?

Cashmere is my favorite fabric in winter. From scarves to sweaters to coats, I wish it were all made of cashmere. A few days ago, a classmate in the backstage left me a message saying: After reading your recommendation and buying a cashmere sweater, I really realized what you said "softer than a kiss and warmer than a hug" ~ haha. 

But every time a single product of cashmere is recommended, many students will complain about "Kaka, cashmere is good, it is difficult to take care of!", "Does cashmere have to be dry cleaned?"...

According to Unshared News : Indeed, many cashmere items are marked with "Dry cleaning only" on the washing label. Generally speaking, dry cleaning is also a washing method that does little harm to cashmere. But in fact, cashmere can also be washed by yourself.

A lot of myself are washed with water. As long as the method is correct, it can also be maintained well.

No matter what the label says, cashmere and wool are best hand-washed in cold water, with a special detergent, or with a mild detergent such as baby shampoo.

The washing method of cashmere is also different from ordinary sweaters. I will give you a set of five-character mantra: "Warm, beat, squeeze, suck, and spread." 

Temperature refers to the temperature of the water. When washing, it is best to control the water temperature at about 30°-35°, just feel it with your hands when it is not hot or cold. 

After adjusting the water temperature, add detergent, and then turn the inner layer of the sweater outwards and slowly press it into the water until the clothes are completely soaked and need to soak for 15-20 minutes. 

Special attention should be paid to the fact that cashmere items must not be kneaded~ Vigorous kneading will deform the texture of cashmere. If there is a particularly dirty place, tap it with your hands until the dirt is removed. 

After washing, you can't use twisting to squeeze out the water, which will also deform the cashmere. The correct way is to press lightly to squeeze out the excess water, or use the edge of the basin to squeeze out the excess water, like this. 

The cashmere after squeezing is still very wet, in order to let it dry as soon as possible, the next step is to "suck".

First lay a towel with strong water absorption capacity, unfold the washed cashmere single product on the towel, then roll up the towel a little bit, and squeeze it slightly, so that the towel absorbs the moisture in the cashmere as much as possible .

Finally, choose a ventilated place to spread out and dry in the shade.

I usually send the less laundered cashmere coats to dry cleaning myself. If you wash it yourself, you can also use a medium temperature (about 140 degrees Celsius) steam iron for ironing. Keep a distance of 0.5-1cm from the clothes, and do not press directly on it to iron. 

Although the method is a bit cumbersome, after washing with the above method, the cashmere item will not shrink or deform so easily. Take good care to make it last longer~

If you wash it yourself, it is best to use a special cashmere detergent. I have always used The Laundress wool and cashmere cleansing liquid, and Blue Moon and other brands that are relatively easy to buy also have special wool and cashmere cleansing liquids. 

He also has a special fragrance spray for wool and cashmere and I have been repurchasing it. It has a faint woody aroma, which smells very good. A spray can quickly remove unpleasant odors on clothes. It also has a maintenance effect and can prevent clothing from being eaten by insects. 

Don’t hang sweaters, it depends on how to hang them

Raise a hand, do you have any sweaters in your home that are deformed after being washed by your mother? The assistant chicks all said that they have had such an experience, haha, I have too, and my mother loves our sweaters as well.

The problem mostly occurs in the link of drying clothes. If it is hung like ordinary clothes, it will not be deformed~

Heavy sweaters will sag due to gravity when they are hung. A longer time will easily lead to deformation and loss of elasticity. The shoulder position is always pushed out a small corner, it is difficult to restore the original shape for a long time. 

Regardless of the material, fabric and style, whether it's drying or storing, sweaters have a common care tip: don't hang it like usual!

The best way to spread the sweater in a ventilated place to dry.

Of course, sweaters can also be hung. Here is a simple and easy-to-learn trick for hanging sweaters. We tried it and the test is effective. In this way, the sweater is not easy to be deformed, and it dries faster than flat.

First, flatten the sweater and fold it left and right, and put the hanger hook under the sweater's armpit, like this. 

Then fold up the sleeves of the sweater and pass it through the hanger; 

The hem of the sweater on the other side is also folded up, and also passed through the hanger. 

Finally, directly lift the hanger hook, and the sweater will be hung firmly~

When storing, also choose to fold and store, so as not to sag and deform due to gravity when hanging. 

The sweater is easy to pilling after wearing it for a long time. Even high-quality cashmere sweaters cannot avoid this problem.

In addition to the commonly used sweater trimmer, I also want to recommend an artifact: sweater stone.

I bought The Laundress, the reference price: 200 yuan. But in fact, many brands are available. Another brand, Dritz, is more affordable, with a reference price of RMB 50. It's just not that good to buy. 

Their principles are the same. They are all made of natural volcanic pumice, which has a very powerful repairing effect on the hair particles, fluff and fluff balls on the surface of knitted clothes. As long as you use it to gently scrape the surface of the sweater, the hair balls will be automatically brought to the sweater stone. NS. 

Take a look at the assistant chick's test. Scrape the surface of the sweater, and the stone of the sweater is immediately covered with hairs. 

Look at the original frizzy sweater, it is indeed much flatter, the assistant chicks are all surprised by the immediate effect~

However, there are some shortcomings. The sweater stone is used to stick the hair ball away by friction, and it makes a "sizzling" sound when used, which still has a certain loss on the sweater. Therefore, it is more suitable to deal with coarse knit sweaters. And it is easy to shed chips.

But I am not very entangled with the fluffing. Selfishly, I feel that the old sweater with pilling has a sense of security to wear~ as long as the pilling is not too strong. Many people say that the cashmere sweater is not because of poor quality when wearing it. It is not. This is determined by the characteristics of cashmere, don’t care too much~

How to maintain leather clothing so that it is not easy to break?

Let's talk about the leather jacket that broke Tristan's heart. After reading it, the clothing care professional said, um, it was broken like this, it was completely hopeless, and asked what we did to it!

Tristan said he was innocent. This was also the genuine leather celebrity jacket that he had bought at a high price. He never abused it and kept it in the closet.

Generally speaking, although the price of leather leather clothing is more expensive, it is stored properly, and it is no problem to wear it for ten years (provided that the figure has not changed). It is too unscientific to split it like this.


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