What is a FUE Hair Transplant?

In this article we will talk about what actually is FUE transplant? How does FUE transplant work? Advantages of FUE . Comparing FUE with FUT? How much fue transplant cost los angeles? And what are the best affordable fue hair transplant clinics in los angeles?

Now lets begin with what actually is FUE hair transplant

What is a FUE hair transplant? A thicker appearance will result as a result of this procedure.

FUE was designed to replace the "traditional" FUT procedure. To do this surgery, a full section of skin or scalp was removed, together with all of the hair follicles, and then transplanted onto the target location.

Due to the lower risk of a "hair plug" appearance, when parts of skin or hair don't match the surrounding areas, FUE has become more popular than FUT in recent years. Also, unlike FUT, it won't leave a huge scar.

Anyone with thinning or balding hair who still has enough hair nearby to use for a transplant is a good candidate for FUE hair transplant.

For example, you may not be eligible for a FUE transplant because you lack enough healthy & thick hair to transplant into the balding area.

Now the question occurs: How does FUE transplant work? So let's move on to this.

How does FUE transplant work

Hair grafts are harvested one at a time from the back and sides of your scalp using FUE. It is necessary to remove these grafts with a small punch tool, which leaves tiny holes at the extraction sites that mend as scarcely detectable microscopic dot scars. Using a procedure called BHT, hairs for transplantation can be taken from the beard, chest, and back (or Body Hair Transplantation). Small recipient sites are created in the areas where hair is needed, and these grafts are then implanted in them.

Now let's discuss the advantages of FUE hair transplantation.

Advantages of FUE hair transplantation

● Less pain, more gain:

Unlike prior methods of hair restoration, the FUE procedure is relatively comfortable. We numb your scalp using long-acting anaesthesia during the treatment, and most of our patients report that over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers, such as acetaminophen/Tylenol, are sufficient the night after your surgery. After 24 hours, almost all patients report no more pain.

● Fuller, thicker hair

FUE produces great results! Did you know that HHR's unique ProGrowth Combination FUE method has a transplant survival rate of up to 99 percent? FUE is typically 90-95 percent? In comparison, follicular unit transplantation (FUT) hair restoration (often known as the "strip" procedure) has a 75% success rate.

Because the exact harvesting approach causes less stress to your hair follicles during the harvesting process and more healthy hair as you recuperate, FUE generates fuller, thicker hair.

● Little (or no!) scarring

FUT helps to regrow hair, but it creates a visible linear scar, which is particularly noticeable if you have or want to keep your hair short. Because the extraction sites during the FUE technique are so small (equivalent to or less than 1mm), any scarring, if it exists at all, is invisible. The extraction wounds reseal on their own and heal in a couple of days - with no noticeable scarring!

● Faster recovery

FUE hair transplants are an excellent choice to restore your hair without having to spend weeks recovering. In one to two days, you should be able to resume most of your typical daily activities. There would be no staples or stitches to worry about, and the temporary bandage will be removed about 24-48 hours after your treatment. There are some special care and washing recommendations to follow as your scalp heals and your hair grows, but they aren't difficult or time-consuming.

Comparing FUT with FUE


The traditional and most popular type of hair transplantation is FUT, also known as FUSS (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery). FUT includes the elimination of a strip of tissue from the back of the skull, known as the 'donor' site, and transporting it to a dedicated chamber where it is cleansed and split into grafts (a piece of tissue containing hair follicles to be planted). The dissected grafts are then planted in holes made in the bald portion of the head, known as the recipient' site.


 FUE is a more recent technique in which a section of the donor area is shaved and then individual strands of hair are cut out by making circular incisions around them. FUE process is time-consuming since a doctor must extract each transplant separately and straight from the scalp. Like in FUT, the removed grafts are subsequently placed into holes formed in the bald area.

Now you got the idea of fue hair transplant now let's talk about How much fue transplant cost los angeles?

Can you afford a fue hair transplant in Los Angeles ?

The cost of a FUE hair transplant ranges from $4,000 to $15,000. A multi-session surgery can cost up to $50,000 or more, depending on the number of sessions.

The final cost of a FUE hair transplant is determined by the following factors:

How much hair is removed and replanted during the procedure

● In your neighbourhood how many surgeons can perform this surgery?

● What is the frequency of FUE hair transplants?

● whether your surgeon is well-known or in high demand

We can say that affordable fue hair transplantation in los angeles will cost you around between $2000 - $3500. Cost will vary due to the factors that have been mentioned above. This operation is typically not covered by most health insurance policies because it is cosmetic in nature.

Let's move on to our final question that what are some of the best affordable fue hair transplant clinics in los angeles

Some of the affordable FUE hair transplantation clinics in Los Angeles

Here is the list of best affordable fue hair transplant clinics in los angeles: 

1: hairtransplantslosangeles.com

2: affordablehairtransplants.com

3: igethair.com

4: lafuehairclinic.com

5: beverlyhillshairgroup.com


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