5 winter skin care tips

Cold, dry air can irritate and itch your skin. These expert tips for retaining your skin's natural moisture will help you combat dry winter skin. Because winter weather can cause our skin to dry out compared to normal days, so these tips will help you keep your skin glowing and radiant all season. Follow these 5 tips to combat winter's drying effects!

winter skin care tips

1) Hydrate yourself from inside out

Our main goal is to teach people how to stay hydrated." In the winter, the heat in the house literally dries out our bodies. Wrinkles are appear on our faces when we do not drink water properly. Even that prunes shrivel as they lose moisture; this is a good analogy to check for how our skin reflects our level of hydration. Your system should always be flushed with water. We don't want to be a still pond; we want to be a rushing river."

2) Use sunscreen

People believe, 'Oh, it's winter; I don't need sunscreen! 'Oh yes, you do!' I say. The sun shines just as brightly in the winter as in summer. That is also true when you are driving. The glass window magnifies the sun by ten times. I advise my clients to cleanse their skin in the morning, then apply all of their products and serums & finishing with sunscreen. Use anything with an SPF of 30 or higher. Your sunscreen must be your finishing touch, in my opinion. So, a good mineral makeup is good to apply after for extra protection because it contains sunscreen as well.

3) Go for a Healthy Lifestyle

"Sweating aids in detoxification. Exercise is always beneficial to skin brightness. Alternatively, you could visit a sauna bath to keep yourself relax. Consider pairing it with a good skin care regimen."- John Adams is a lifestyle blogger who focuses on self-development, health & fitness, and personal injury law.

It is vital to use minerals both inside and outside. We are dehydrated & also unaware of the link to a mineral deficiency. We need topical minerals to transport humectants (water-binding molecules). Moreover, we need to hydrate our skin from the inside out by taking minerals internally. Trace Mineral Drops for Water, which contain 72 minerals, are available. We cannot take just one mineral; they must all work together.

4) Skip the hot bath 

However, it’s tempting to turn up the heat in the winter, but hot water strips the oils from your skin, making it more prone to drying out, scratching, and flaking. Try to cool it to the water temperature to keep as much moisture as possible.

5) Moisturize Hands Frequently, Especially After Washing 

As the CDC points out, hand-washing is critical, especially when the cold virus, flu, and COVID-19 are always here. But, according to certified Dermatologists, "constant washing will cause the hands to take a beating."

Doctors usually recommend using hand cream after each wash. They also suggests wearing waterproof gloves when washing dishes or cleaning around the house to protect your hands. They also suggest using cotton gloves after moisturizer to help your skin absorb the cream.


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