6 Easy & Simple Hacks to Paint Your Beautiful Nails

Who does not want to beautify and flaunt their long nails? Nail art is the best technique to design your nails and make them appear exquisite. 

While nail polish alone is a rather dull notion, nail art has become highly popular and is currently booming all over the world. Of course, the credit goes to the influencers and well-known celebrities who flaunt their exquisite nails. In addition, nail arts provide you with a wide variety of designs to pick from, many of which go well with your attire, mood, and way of life. 

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But are you tired of painting your beautiful nails with the same traditional methods? Then, keep an eye out for these simple hacks that will make it easier for you to paint or create nail art easily.

1. Create Ombre Nails with Gel Polish

An ombre appearance is the ideal attention-getter. It might be challenging to perfect, but here's a tip. First, choose colour combinations that already work well together, such as pink and orange or teal and blue, when you're just starting since you'll find it simpler to combine them. But after getting the hang of it, experiment with more striking colour schemes like black and white. The brushed blend technique is best for creating an ombre effect with gel nail polish, and two different shades of gel paint and a lint-free nail wipe are all you need.

Start applying a base coat and your favourite gel paint colour on the left side. Follow the same process for the nails' right side while overlapping from the centre. Clean the excess from the sides using a lint-free nail wipe. Allow it to dry, repeat the steps two or three times more, and finish it with a top coat. 

Ombre Nails with Gel Polish

2. Sponge Bobbing

At least once in a lifetime or during your childhood, you must have done sponge painting. The sponge nail art technique is also similar. Depending on the desired effect and design, one may use any sponge, including those used in art, cosmetics, or other creative endeavours.

You don't need a steady hand or highly developed artistic abilities to blend any two of your clients' preferred colours on nails using the sponge technique. By using this technique, you can create an achromatic nail design.

Start by painting your nails with a base colour, then wait for them to dry. Apply a different nail paint colour on the sponge in the interim, then swipe it over your nails. Obtain a scattered effect with a gradient finish and apply a top coat to get a matte or gel finish. You may eliminate the excess edges by immersing a little brush in acetone.

3. Neat French Manicure

The traditional French tip manicure may be the most well-liked retro style to return. Pretty pastel tips dominated the nail art scene in spring. But as the saying goes, fashion comes back, and as manicurists and nail art enthusiasts swarm to create their throwback manicure styles, bright white French tips are back. 

Use a bandage or cello tape to fix any faults with a French manicure or reverse a French manicure. Before painting your nails, give the bandage or cellophane tape a curved edge according to the nail. Now remove the bandage or cello tape to display a flawless French manicure. Using this nail art tip, you may also have fun utilizing two hues or tones. 

4. Graffiti Nails

Use your creativity to make this little manicure masterpiece. Who knew splatters of paint could look so stylish? You must already be longing for vibrant, hip graffiti. So, apply a white base to your nails if you want to use another colour instead. Next, apply nail polish over a toothbrush, then smear it randomly over your nail. Do a new colour each time you use this technique, then use acetone to eliminate any additional edges.

Another way to create graffiti on nails includes writing on them. Paint your nails using a light color base, such as pink or grey. Make sure to use two coats of base paint. Next, use a clear coat to create a smooth surface for your nail art. Then, using a black nail art pen, start writing words horizontally over the tops of your nails, using only a few letters on each nail. Connect the letters without writing them in cursive to give them a little unkempt appearance. Once you are done, don't forget to apply the top coat. 

5. Cello tape or Masking Tapes

Use Nail Art Striping Rolls Tape as a guide to creating those tidy stripes. Alternatively, you may cut small strips from masking or cello tape, adhere them to your coloured nails, and then paint another coat of nail polish. When the tape strips are taken off, your nails will be perfectly striped. Even zigzag strips may be cut out to create a chevron design. 

Cello tape or Masking Tapes

6. Water Marble Nail Art

It's a unique and cool approach to painting your nails. Pour some water into a glass. You may use a needle to make patterns in the water by dropping various shades of nail paint on the surface. These days, you may soak your nails in water to transfer the pattern on them. This approach allows for the creation of several designs. Remove the excess nail polish using acetone.

To Sum Up

So, these are the easy hacks you can use to paint your nails. Have fun with different colours to create stunning nails with these nail paint hacks. To impress others, experiment with fancy and vibrant designs.


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