The True Story behind Russell Wilson and Ashton Meem Divorce:

Some people gain popularity due to their hard work, while others acquire it due to something terrible. Ashton Meem, the ex-wife of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, is one of these women. Surprisingly, the two distinct paths might be perplexing to everyone. The lovebirds have been dating since high school, and it didn't take long for their relationship to blossom into something serious. Furthermore, the couple married in 2012 and has been dating for two years. And because she was the wife of one of the NFL's top prospects at the time, Ashton received much media attention. Unfortunately, unlike most fairytales, this one did not include an optimistic stop.

Russell Wilson and Ashton Meem

Early life and education of Ashton Meem:

On September 6, 1987, Ashton Meem was endured by Lang and Molly Meem in Richmond, Virginia, the United States of America. In her hometown, the 34-year-old beauty attended St. Catherine High School. Russel Wilson, her eventual ex-husband, was also a high school student. And it was here that the two met for the first time and began their eight-year relationship. Ashton proceeded to the University of Georgia, graduating from the increased academy. Meem chose to go to North Carolina State University shortly after because her boyfriend Russell was a player.

Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson Marriage:

In the early aught, Ashton Meem and Wilson were originally introduced as teenagers. In the couple's 2012 wedding announcement, Meem told the Richmond Times-Dispatch, that they met briefly in high school. Then they met again at a summer party and started dating. While in college, the couple began dating and maintained a long-distance relationship. Meem transferred from the University of Georgia to NC State to be closer to Wilson. Her boyfriend repositioned to the University of Wisconsin to play football a year after she graduated.

Wilson stunned her with a visit in the Presidential Suite of a costly hotel in Cary, North Carolina, on August 1, 2010. He got down on one knee and proposed to Meem, with their dog Penny as a witness. On January 14, 2012, at the Country Club of Virginia, the pair married in front of 300 guests. Wilson's NFL training at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, had to be delayed, and she stopped her studies. Therefore the couple's honeymoon was postponed.

Was Divorce happens because Ashton cheated on Russell with Teammate Golden Tate?

Following the revelation of Wilson and Meem's split, speculation about the reasons for their break arose. According to one popular belief, Meem allegedly cheated on her husband with his then-teammate Golden Tate. No one has admitted to infidelity, and there is no proof to back up the claims. Percy Harvin, a former Seahawk, is said to have hit Tate over the subject during the week leading up to the 2014 Super Bowl. He also went on a Twitter rampage, telling the uneducated minority of people, bloggers, and whomever else propagating ridiculous allegations to cut it out. Tate's girlfriend, Elise Pollard, was the only other person to speak up, and she backed up her guy in refuting the claim.

Russell Wilson and Ashton Meem got divorced in 2014:

Meem and Wilson enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon week, and the Seattle Seahawks drafted Wilson in the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft three months after they married. He inked a four-year, $2.99 million contract two weeks later. However, their voyage eventually met a snag behind the scenes. Wilson pointed out for Divorce in April 2014, and they got separated legally.

Summing it up:

Russell Wilson and Ashton Meem started dating in high school, and they got married. Due to certain reasons and she had a relationship with her Teammate, they divorced legally in 2014.


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