How to Feel Stylish While Wearing Glasses

If you wear glasses, today’s frames and colors are more stylish than ever before. Plenty of classic and modern frames can help you accent your prescription or corrective lenses. Well-crafted, stylish reading glasses and no correction styles like sunglasses and blue light glasses come in various vibrant patterns and colors.  

Feel Stylish While Wearing Glasses

A spectrum of shapes and options for vision correction means that you can buy a pair of specs that look great and help you see better. After discovering what type of glasses you need, it’s time to find the perfect style for your look and personality. The following guide will help you feel polished and confident while you’re wearing your favorite pair. You’ll also discover how to shop for the best-looking glasses for your needs. 

Make Them Your Signature Accessory 

A polished style often includes a signature accessory. For some people, it’s a necklace or a watch. If you need glasses, your eyewear can be your quintessential fashion piece. To stand out, try clear glasses or specs in a bold color. A quartz pattern or an ombre dip looks flattering, especially when added to round-shaped or square-shaped glasses. 

If you make your frames your main accessory, leave most of your other pieces at home. This includes large earrings or hair accessories with clashing colors. You can complement any occasion or style when you have a few different frames on hand. Today’s best readers and blue light glasses are not only trend-forward but durable and affordable. 

Match Them to Your Wardrobe 

One of the best parts about wearing glasses is that you can match them to your outfits. If you want one pair that works with everything, try black square glasses or a round tortoiseshell. Clear glasses will blend with most ensembles, while gray and brown specs will work with casual and professional pieces in your closet. 

To get more creative with your fashion, buy a few different frames. Along with a neutral pair, you can pick from pastel hues and vibrant colors to work with your tops and shirts. Blue light glasses in colors like mint or purple will match with seasonal dresses or blouses. Honey tortoise or blush-colored frames add fresh color to neutral blazers and jackets. 

If you wear a uniform for work, you can get glasses in the same color. You can even find affordable readers and sunglasses to go with your vacation clothes. For those men and women who have a lot of traditional clothing colors like brown or navy in their closet, a pair of classic tortoise or navy tortoise specs are an ideal accent. 

Glasses for Different Occasions

Shop Glasses for Different Occasions 

Since there are glasses in every style and color, you can find a pair for every mood. You can also buy different blue light glasses or progressives to help you feel stylish during special events. Some people like to purchase specs that they wear during the day and those that help them see at night. Others have a traditional pair of sunglasses for the car and an exceptionally stylish pair like polarized aviator sunglasses for when they go out. 

You can look polished and professional at work when you have reading glasses or blue light frames in a chic cat-eye shape. When it’s time to relax or socialize, try iridescent readers or sunglasses with gradient lenses and an angular silhouette. 

For those who need glasses to wear in photos or for an important event like a wedding, invest in a pair of trend-forward specs. You can check the new arrivals of your favorite eyewear brands to find sunglasses or progressives that will match your clothes. With a pair of oversized, round-shaped glasses, you’ll look like you put extra effort into your outfit. Other stylish, standout looks for a special occasion include coastal-inspired, soft square frames or specs with fine details like colorful, delicate rims and gold accent pins. 

Find the Right Glasses for Your Face 

Everyone has a unique face shape. If you look at some of the more familiar face shape types, a person’s face length and forehead width help determine their grouping. The idea of the face shape also considers the cheekbones and jawline. You can measure your face to decide if you’re more of a heart shape or a square. You can also check out a guide to face shapes for more information on what makes you look “round” or “oval.” 

Once you decide, you can match some common frame shapes to your look. For instance, triangle faces can find balance with brow-bar specs, while round shapes can bring softness to someone with a face that is in the form of a diamond. You may also want to consider which colors you think look best with your eyes or hair. Flatter your natural features with hues and patterns that make your features stand out. The right style will make you feel more confident. It will also make your specs fit your face better.  

Right Glasses for Your Face

Enjoying More Style and Comfort 

A stylish, well-fitting pair of glasses will feel comfortable and match your favorite clothing. When you feel good about what you’re wearing, it’ll show in your attitude and your effort. Whether you wear specs to correct your eyesight or to protect you from eye strain, you have many options to complement your clothes and your personality. Start shopping today and see how fun it is to wear today’s best eyewear! 


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