Things You Should Know About A Baby Shower

The arrival of the baby is like a divine  feeling. You cannot help but revel in the delight of welcoming your child to this world, you are being transformed into a parent. This is a pleasant feeling that you would want to share with your close friends and family members. A baby shower would do great to bring all you together and bless the child with prosperity and strength.

Here are a few ideas that would help you to have a modern baby shower and give the best time for the expected parents. Here are the things that you should know to add the dazzle and sparkle to every baby shower you organise and give the unborn child a happy prelude to his journey in this world.

Things You Should Know About A Baby Shower

1. Decoration

Decoration is the most important part of any celebration. how can you forget that magic to celebrations without decorating the venue well? for the baby shower choose amazing shower diverter valve and you can have stunning handmade buntings to decorate the venue. you can surprise the expectant parents with handmade elephant buntings or buntings made with the baby clothes.

you can also decorate the venue with balloons and add some magic with the fresh flowers. you can keep the theme neutral with blue and pink flowers welcoming both baby girl and baby boy to the world. add some colour with tassels and flowers. you can have some fairy lights and paper lanterns hanging overhead to illuminate the ambiance and brighten up the aura.

2. Games

play only updated games. plan in advance how you would want the expectant parents to enjoy the party. involve the guests and do fun activities that not only delights the expectant parents but also create memories to cherish.

 you can ask all the guests to bring up their childhood photographs and guess who is who. you can also hand out some paper or fabric pieces to the guests with markers. They can write their wishes or messages on the fabric. This could be sewed together to create a blanket or quilt for the baby.

Another game that would please everyone's heart would be creating your own handmade bibs. You can hand out fabric pieces to the guests and ask them to make a colourful bib for the baby.  arrange for the colours, brushes and let them go creative. the best design would be awarded with a fantastic reward. the mom-to-be would have a whole collection of keepsakes for the baby before hand.

3. Gift Opening

It's always good to see those tiny presents popping out of the boxes. it's always crazy to open the colourful gift wraps to see whats inside? it would be a delight for everyone to see what the new baby has got for the first time. If your guest list is small and you have a rather intimate baby shower you can have the gift opening ceremony in front of the guests itself. you and your host can decide what's right for you. You can always thank all the guests and the family friends with a thank you note for gracing the baby shower with their wishes and optimism.

4. Who Should You Invite?

This is quite easy. If someone is planning a baby shower for you, handover the guest list with their addresses. so that everyone you wish to attend your baby shower gets an invite. without missing out anyone from the office, an old aunt in the neighbourhood would be invited to your baby shower.

All those people who you think would actually be happy to be a part of your exhilaration, you can send an invite with flowers bouquet and an invitation card. If you don't know how to make an amazing invitation card then use the online invitation card maker tool to create stunning cards and send invitations to all your loved ones easily. Welcome all those to your baby shower ceremony and let them bless you and your child with all the fortune and optimism of the world.

5. Food

You cannot ignore the food section whenever you are throwing a party. Whenever you are inviting guests over you must have a lavish meals section setup for them. arrange for cocktails and mocktails for the guests. you can prepare for the meals that go with the party theme for baby showers. You can have some food items related to the nursery rhyme theme. how about going for or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star finger sandwiches, Blueberry muffins, Queen of Hearts starts?

this would really bring up the vibe of the arrival of the child. the expectant parents and the guests would be wholly immersed in the euphoria of welcoming the new baby.

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