Natural Tips to Remove Blackheads


There are numerous factors that cause blackheads. The main point is that these blackheads cause due to the blockage of oily or sebum pores and due to pollution they become black heads.

There are different techniques and methods that can remove and minimize the blackheads. There are different medical treatments to remove them but you can get rid of blackheads by use of natural things that don’t have side effects.

How to Remove Blackheads

Flowing are the natural remedial tips to remove blackheads.

Use the orange peel to remove blackheads by simply rub the fresh orange peel on face will help to remove blackheads. You can use peel in powder form and add little water in it and make a paste and apply on face after that wash with warm water will help to remove black heads.

Use of Potatoes:

Put the boiled potato slice on blackheads overnight and wash your face with warm water this will remove the blackheads

Use of Lime Juice:

Add cinnamon powder in one teaspoon lime juice and make a thick paste and then apply on blackheads overnight and wash in the mornings will help to remove the blackheads.

Use of Lemon Juice with Honey:

By the use of lemon juice with honey on affected area of skin will also remove the black and whiteheads.

Use of Radish Seeds:

Take radish seeds powder and make a thick paste by add some water in it and then apply on the blackheads it will help to reduce the blackheads.


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