How to Take Care of a Wavy Hair

Your hair may be thick or thin or rough or smooth the first-ever thing is doing hair wash. There should be a bit of oil in the hair before washing your hair. Don’t shampoo yourself every day. However, use less amount of shampoo, which gives more moisture and curls to look wavy. Use a moisturizing conditioner and leave it in it. Don’t brush your curls dry as it disturbs curls and even damages your hair. Here are the ways for wavy hair.

How to Take Care of Wavy Hair

Check for glycerin and alcohol free products:

Glycerin, free products perform better in hot and drier seasons. Alcohol like ethanol, ethyl, propanol, benzyl alcohol may harm your hair and make it dry and frizzy. Don’t use gel for hair.

Rinse in cold water    

Rinsing a hair in cold water may ensure your scalp to remain cleaner and as it will close your pores and prevent it from dirt. Coldwater control breakage and frizz in your hair. It naturally enters into the hair and gives extra moisture smooth and silky shinny hair.

Avoid heating

Often allowing you to heat and iron or straightening your hair may completely damage your hair and make it dry and cause a severe hair fall. Heat applications may damage the hair follicles and hair texture. Often allowing heat applications to hair may damage the roots and lead to dryness and hair fall. 

Don’t overdo oil

Overdoing oil needs more shampoo as more using shampoo leads to hair damage, so avoid overdoing oil. Do oil massage once a week is very good for your scalp. Applying too much oil in your scalp may allow dandruff to build them but little amount of oil may prevent your scalp from dandruff. Don’t allow the hair to soak in oil then it may lead to infections.  

Hair massage

While brushing or washing your hair, blow your head towards down at front and wash as it makes good blood circulation to your scalp, and it also helps to grow your hair long and thick. Massaging your scalp every day increases blood flow.

Hair maintenance tips

Oil massage gives strength to your hair and makes good circulation of a blood. Cover your hair while stepping out. It may prevent your hair from sun damages and dirt. Avoid often tying up your hair. While sleeping, use to allow hair into a loose braid. Don’t to tie your hair tightly or bun. Use satin covered pillows instead of normal ones which prevents your hair from damages.

Advantages of hair trimming

Trimming hair may get rid of split ends and make your hair grow up. Trimming hair may look thicker in volume and you may do trimming your hair every 3 to 4 months. Trimming it more often may help your hair grow quicker.

Tricks to get shiny hair

Use alcohol-free shampoos and comb your hair when it is wet and brush your hair when it dries. Dry your hair in cold hair and use t-shirts instead of towels to dry your hair, so it prevents your hair from damages. 


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